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This month is going to be “Ultra Sonic”. Yes we repeat! “Ultra Sonic”. Get ready to escalate yourself to a parallel musical dimension where happiness and sound waves rule!

We are “Ultra” happy to announce that Bangalore rockers “Parvaaz” and Contemporary Hindustani Classical duo from Delhi, “Shadow and Light” are going to crash at the Back Room this month for a series of magical musical nights.


Imagine some soothing/celestial “Pink Floydish” riffs and add some earthy Kashmiri poetry to it. This will give you just a slight hint of what these Bangalore rockers sound like. With the 70’s rock sound resonating inside their ever evolving musical hemisphere, Parvaaz’s music is rooted yet fresh. Having played previously at two different venues in the City Beautiful, this is the band’s third stint in the city. What makes the gig unique is the fact that the setup is going to be “Unplugged” and you really do not want to miss this chance!

Comprising of Advaitas keyboardist Anindo Bose and the super talented Pavithra Chari, Shadow and Light interweave Contemporary Hindustani Classical music with Jazz Electronica and some beautiful layered vocals to create a vivid aural experience. They have been doing gigs for over two years now and are known for their debut gig where they performed the entire track list from their maiden record.


Venue: The Back Room, SCO 165-167, 34A, Chandigarh
Date: August 12 (Shadow and Light) | August 20 (Parvaaz)
Timing: 9:00 pm onwards
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