Hack Your Waste | Chandigarh’s first OpenIDEO to tackle food wastage

According to a recent survey by the UNEP, one third of the entire food produced by the nations of the world is either lost or is wasted during food production and consumption. When put in monetary terms it accounts for about 1 trillion US dollars! To give you a better idea lets put this wastage in terms of weight which roughly comes out to be 1.3 billion tons. Whoopsie! This amount of food can feed the starving populations of many African nations.

Understanding the complexity of the prevailing problem, getting an idea about its scale and developing effective counter measures at a personal level sound sweet on paper but can be truly achieved when mind forces collide and come up with a collective solution.

PICD(Paper and Ink Centre for Design) in association with Yellow Cursor are bringing to you the first of its kind OpenIDEO event in Chandigarh aimed at designing innovative cost effective solutions with the help of collaborative brainstorming, prototyping and journey-mapping in order to reduce food wastage.

The event is being hosted at Innov8 Chandigarh. The entry to the event is free

Displaying [OpenIDEO] HYW.png

So rush to the venue on September 11, 2016 and grab your seats!


925 million people are HUNGRY
1.3 billion tonnes of food is WASTED.
“Food Wastage is no more a problem. Instead, a Global War.”


This is the time to act!


Navigate to the venue using this map


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