A Little Hope

We often dream about helping that section of the underprivileged society which needs our help but rarely do get around to doing it. Chhoti Si Asha started by Gagan (Liza) Chawla, is a step towards bringing a little hope to that part of the society. Founded nearly ten years ago, this organisation works towards the betterment of unfortunate women and children belonging to lower income backgrounds. The objective is simple to reach out to those who live on the fringes of our society and accept them with love.


There are two projects that they actively work upon. The first is Stitch-A-Living where women are given sewing machines and are provided with various kinds of fabric. With these instruments, they stitch different kinds of bags, folders, diaries, etc. Volunteers help them by getting orders for their products from several organisations. These women then work upon them. They literally stitch for a living.


Their second project is the Janta Colony Library and Educational Centre. In the Janta colony, most of the children have limited access to educational opportunities. Thus, the aim to start this program was to equip children with the skills of logic, comprehension and creativity. Their motive is to make these children understand the multiple realities that exist in this world, realize the choices available to them and make decisions to become positively contributing members of the global society.

With such a simple objective in mind, so much is being done for these women and children. They get a platform where they can happily grow and move forward from where their lives started. This organisation not only brings hope to the underprivileged section of the society, but also to us: the people who hope for a better future for the world.



A documentary has been made on the Stitch-A-Living program. It tells us the functioning of the program and connects us to the lives of those women.


You can also visit their website- http://www.chhotisiasha.org/ or volunteer/donate by clicking the following link-


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