Ambrosia Tangents by Ayna Arora

If we step out to find a chef who cooks and bakes with the sole intention of serving justice to art, Ayna Arora would be the first of the few we’d find. She’s 18 years old and already has work experience worth our envy; a course on Pastry in Australia and an internship with the Oberoi chain, to name a few.
Ambrosia Tangents is a relatively young venture started two months ago, that seeks to represent the chef’s ideas, explore new ingredients and see what can be done with what’s available. The enterprises’s prime attraction is how it incorporates its ideological creativity in each of its products.

Ambrosia is the attempt of bringing out a diverse creative outlet for its customers and not sticking to the conventional ‘ordering and delivering’ procedure. It’s about trying new things and bringing novelty into Chandigarh’s food circuit, offering its consumers with a new experience with food altogether, something they’d remember and cherish. It comes with the promise of quality, simply because its objectives are artistic, as opposed to the commercial aims of its contemporaries. It’s a creative inquiry.

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On being asked where she draws her inspiration from, she says, “Vague philosophies that I read or build up, or ideas that I have in the middle of the night. I try to fathom some of them and see if I can represent their respective ideas through a dish. That’s the entire concept behind the name in fact, something that doesn’t fit inside a plausible tangent”
So if you’re looking for a date with a quirky combination of ingredients, or if it’s just one of those days when your taste buds crave some originality, Ambrosia Tangents is what you need.

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