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In a society like ours, each individual is expected to do his or her duty immaculately. All of us are supposed to move forward in life without any troubles and even if we do face any, we are told to keep these difficulties to ourselves. Glumness, hopelessness, anxiety, nervousness, etc. are all looked down upon. As a result, if any one of us experiences these, we are supposed to put them aside, and move ahead, all on our own.

SAYYAM, started in April 2015 by Ms. Navneet Kapany, is a mental health initiative that brings awareness to the fact that stress and anxiety are a lot more complex than we perceive them to be.The aim of this initiative is to provide people services which encourage positive mental health. Here they learn different coping strategies to deal with mental illness and emotional distress.

Terms like being depressed or having OCD are so commonly used in our society that we forget that these feeling often last for a longer time than just a day or two. Through this initiative Navneet wants the society to know that it is perfectly fine to go to see a mental health professional. Here, the aim is to help an individual or a family discover facets that have been ignored and need to be addressed.? The objective is to enable self expression and aid the being in finding solutions that work best for him/her. In due course of time they are expected to start feeling confident about handling different life situations.

SAYYAM has a FB page that provides insight and helps to get a better understanding of mental health.?

You can also contact Navneet on 8427927648.

  • Kavya Atray

    18 years old! Currently doing Honors in English from Chandigarh. I like to sketch portraits. I am into acting. I love to read and I like music. And yes, of course I write. I am a poet. I have written around 300 poems and am continuing to write more.

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