Cake Crumbs

Who doesn’t love cake and cupcakes? Cake Crumbs, a home based bakery by Ravee Waraich, is coming to Pop N Shop. Ravee specializes in sugar crafting, the art of which she learned in 2012.

She always loved to cook and bake, and says that home-based baking was a natural transition for her.

Ravee’s work is impeccable and her attention to detail is commendable. Cake Crumbs was started in 2014, after she finally settled in Chandigarh. Watching TV shows like TLC’s ‘Ultimate Cake off’ and ‘Cupcake Wars’ finally gave her a push in the direction of professional baking. Looking at all those wonderful designs inspired her to make her own creations.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Cake Crumbs has been receiving a pretty good response so far. Orders are taken through WhatsApp, Facebook, and over the phone. Ravee requires a few days to process the order to give the customers exactly what they desire. The minimum order for cupcakes is a set of six and the cakes should weigh at least one kg.

Cake Crumbs

Maintenance of quality is extremely important at Cake Crumbs. It is here that Ravee reminds us that good cakes don’t come cheap. Her cakes are known for their perfect finishing as well as rich taste.

Wedding Cake

The 46 year-old said that baking was something she always wanted to do and feels that it is better late than never. If opening a home bakery is what you want to do, do it because its better to try and fail than not try at all, said Ravee.

We are all looking forward to the mouth-watering treats Ravee will be bringing to Pop N Shop. Cake Crumbs is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss! Check out Cake Crumbs’ Facebook page and don’t forget to come to Pop N Shop, at Leisure Valley, on 7th February,?to taste some of Ravee’s delightful creations!


Cake Crumbs: 8591473129


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    19, currently pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Applications. Trying out new recipes is something I enjoy a lot. I've done ballet, Tae Kwon Do, played the saxophone- basically, I've tried a lot of different things and I'm constantly looking to try something new. And I love music; it's definitely one of the most important things in my life.

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