Dum Yum Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani is virtually everyone’s favourite dish from India. But not everyone knows, there are several techniques through which one might make Biryani. Here, we present to you Dum Yum Hyderabadi Biryani.

What started out as a simple summer project for Siddharth, is now a business he runs along with his mother at home. Siddharth Kanchustambam, a student of class 11th,?started in the summer of 2015, where he simply wanted to cook biryani with his mom and sell it to consumers. As the response got better and better, they decided to keep it running and accept bulk orders. The 16-year old has always had a fondness for cooking and hopes to pursue culinary arts in the future.

A traditional family recipe is used for this biryani. If you eat mutton, you’re in luck because that is the meat used in the original recipe. But don’t worry because Dum Yum offers vegetable as well as chicken biryani.

Orders are taken via phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook. For bulk orders, Dum Yum should be given a day or two.

“You are nothing without passion for what you do”, said Siddharth, when asked what advice he would give to future chefs. Kanchustambam would like to open a Dum Yum outlet in the near future as well as something in line with?Midnight Biryani. I’m sure we all would look forward to that!

He says in order to find out what makes his biryani different from the others, one will have to taste it. So, don’t wait up! Come to Pop N Shop, at Leisure Valley, on 7th February, and taste some traditional dum biryani!



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