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To be able to say a million things without even saying a word is a great gift. A gift which has been given to both Samia and Ratika Singh. As you would have already guessed, Samia and Ratika are sisters. Samia is an independent designer and artist. She studied at Sholai School and Sanawar as a child and did her Visual Design Degree from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. Samia has worked as Assistant Art Director at Tehelka Magazine and visual conceptualizer for the Viraasat-E-Khalsa Museum at Anandpur. She is currently starting up her studio and artist residency in Preet Nagar.

Having a very curious eye, Samia tends to capture the beauty and eccentricity of people and things around her. Each and every one of her paintings tells a story. Besides freelance painting, Samia also creates book covers, logos and has recently worked on a comic for The 2015 Economist India Summit. She has done a few Editorial Illustrations for National Geographic Traveller India.


Ratika on the other hand is a photographer and film maker. She also graduated from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Hellmuth Conz, a German photographer based in Bangalore was the first to inspire her to pursue photography. Ratikas images are stunning, filled with colour and life. She manages to tell a story through a single picture. Speaking of stories, she made a film inspired from the short story Basheera written by her grandfather, Navtej Singh Preetlarhi. Be sure to check it out! The link is at the end of the article. This film was screened at a few film festivals like IAWRT Film Festival as well.

Both Samia and Ratika are now in the process of organising separate workshops for photography and painting in Chandigarh. Ratika along with her friend Vishakha Jindal are already holding photography classes. Vishakha is a self-taught photographer and has learned how to look at everything with a curious eye. She is into conceptual photography and is working on a series called Sculpting With the Wind. This has been her eighth year in photography. The workshop is for complete amateurs who will learn how to use the rules of photography as well as break them.

Samia started art classes recently, hoping to help all artists explore their abilities further.

When asked how they see themselves a few years from now, all three of them laughed and basically said that they wish to be happy. Its clear to see that they all want to say something with what they love.

It would be a crime not to mention the lovely babies, Genius and Ajibo, who made this interview all the more exciting for me!Genius


Link for Basheera:


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