Fruita Bo

Bouquets are made only from flowers.This is what we hear, and this is what we see, USUALLY.

Not any more though. For the first time ever in the city, a concept, absolutely fresh, and new has sprouted.

Fruita Bo, a small venture in Chandigarh, run by a 17 year old, offeres a wide variety of fruit bouquets to choose from. Yes, fresh fruits are organized in the most appealing way possible, they’ll definitely be a visual treat for who so ever you gift them to. Whether its a wedding, or you’re bored of gifting the usual bouquet of orchids to your mom’s friend for her birthday party, I’m sure Fruita Bo won’t ever disappoint you.

Why give a bouquet of flowers when an exotic one can be extracted from the ripest fruits.A wide variety to choose from, which ever fruit you name, will be sculpted in the most enticing combination possible and delivered right at your doorstep, prepared by specially trained staff from Delhi.

Don’t want to spend too much money on just the formality part? Don’t worry. Definitely the most economical option to select, these exquisitely crafted fruits wont burn a hole in your pocket. With a wide range, starting from Rs 500, going on till 5000, you can choose which ?ever bouquet suits your budget and requirement. Special offers available for Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and all other festivals of the kind.

So, the next time you’re confused about what to give for a formal occasion, or if you’re bored with the usual presents and want something strikingly fresh and new, you know where to go. Fruita Bo will be right there at your service. Just dial the number below, et voila, you’re all set!

Contact Navya Jain, at : +91 7696816891.


  • Rabiya Batth

    17. Writer. Blogger. Theater artist. Avid reader. Hi I'm Rabiya. I'm a student, at Carmel convent school. Stage is my solace, and the pen and paper, my strength. Obsessed with birthdays, Charlie Chaplin and fire extinguishers.


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