Poetry in Visuals

Santiago Gutiez
Santiago Gutiez

In an attempt to celebrate the spirit of dynamism and creativity in visuals, we are showcasing the work of Santiago Gutiez, a Freelance Photographer based in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 35 year old photographer doesn’t believe in what divides, and considers himself a native of the world. Santiago’s photography has varied elements. He loves capturing people; especially kids, landscapes, animals, insects, places and all things related to nature.

He moved to Rio de Janerio a year and a half ago, after spending some months in Londrina, a city in the state of Paran, south of Brazil. Apart from Buenos Aires, he has also lived in Miami for a year and a half, and in Indonesia for 2 years as a kid. An avid traveller, Santiago believes that the best aspect of travelling is knowing different cultures and places, meeting new people, learning new things, undergoing mind- opening experiences and, of course, taking lots of pictures! Lately, he has been trying to plan as least as possible, and going with the flow, and the experience has been amazing!

Santiago’s love for photography developed when he was in school at Buenos Aires. At a teacher’s office, he saw beautiful pictures of animals and landscapes, and got so fascinated by them that he had a sudden urge to take pictures. The more pictures he took, the more his love for photography grew. His family has always been supportive of his photographic pursuits, even when he studied at Escuela Argentina de Fotographia (Argentina School of Photography).

Talking about his nascent love for Abstract Photography, Santiago states that ever since he has started using a smartphone, he has developed a ‘detail hunting instinct’ for shapes, colours, geometry, contrast and perspectives. At times, it is like these details show themselves to him without any effort of his, making the pictures ‘intuitive’. He further states that these pictures are subjective in nature, and that everybody is free to interpret whatever they feel about the pictures; there are no boundaries to the interpretation of photography. Santiago’s abstract pictures were also featured by Instagram as a part of Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project on ‘Imperfections’.

Santiago's picture that was featured on Instagram.
Santiago’s picture that was featured on Instagram.

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We are inspired by Santiago’s work and thoughts, and wish him all the best for all his future endeavours.

To get a detailed view of Santiago’s magical world, visit his Facebook, Instagram and Behance profiles.







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