Sugar Rush – A One Woman Show


Why choose a cake from the shelf when you can purchase a personalised cake or set of cupcakes? All events, special or just excuses for celebrations could use some sweetness in the form of baked delicacies. This is where Sugar Rush comes to our rescue! Sugar Rush is a home-run bakery started by Ayten Sandhu earlier this year. Prior to starting Sugar Rush in Chandigarh, she had been working in Real Estate.

Coming from a business background, Ayten had never thought of baking as a career in itself. It had of course been one of her favourite things to do, even as a child. Now that she’s got the hang of it, she keeps experimenting and trying her hand at new techniques usually learnt from YouTube.

Ayten takes orders through Facebook and WhatsApp but requires at least 2 to 3 days to process the order to finalise the design and flavour of the cake. All the designing is done by her alone. She makes wedding cakes, engagement cakes, eggless cakes, slight variations in chocolate cakes as well, and also takes bulk orders for cupcakes. Differentiating her creations from the others, she states that the quality of each cake must be maintained. The best ingredients are used and she makes all the fondant herself!

The fondant cakes from Sugar Rush start at 1600-1800 per kg. Of course, the price varies based on the intricacy of the cake. She does not take orders for less than six cupcakes and cakes that are less than a kg.

When asked about what she thinks of her competition, she smiled and very gracefully said that everyone is different and that they all have a different approach to work. In fact, she said, at times she recommends others in case she is out of town.

With time, of course, Ayten would like to expand Sugar Rush but at the same time would pay utmost attention to the quality of the cakes being produced.

Ayten says that for her, Sugar Rush is the business of making people happy. One should always love what they do, and she sure does!

So, hurry up and dial 0-7837-300690 to place your orders for your next happy occasion! And dont forget to check out the Sugar Rush Facebook and Instagram Page :


  • Afsana Roy

    19, currently pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Applications. Trying out new recipes is something I enjoy a lot. I've done ballet, Tae Kwon Do, played the saxophone- basically, I've tried a lot of different things and I'm constantly looking to try something new. And I love music; it's definitely one of the most important things in my life.


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