Weaving The World Through Images

What is it that makes your life worth living?

It is in doing what you love.

This is precisely what 22 year old Vinay Kumar is doing. After graduating from Nanyang Technical University, Singapore, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Vinay chose to follow his heart by plunging into the world of pictures, and is currently working as a full-time Real Estate Photographer at a Singapore based start-up called Greyloft. He also covers events as a freelancer.

Born in Kurukshetra, Haryana, Vinay moved to Jakarta, Indonesia when he was 2 years old, and was brought up there. After completing his secondary education at Jakarta, he moved to Singapore for college, and is based there now. But this does not hinder him from grooving to the beats of Bollywood music. Bollywood, he says, is a part of his bloodstream.

Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar

Vinay’s tryst with photography began in the 11th grade, when his father gifted him a phone having a 5 megapixel camera. It was then that he realized that a handy device could take good pictures. Then he started experimenting with an old DSLR lying at his home. He used YouTube for learning the basic features and figured his way through the basic fundamentals to exposure. Later, his father gifted him an even better DSLR, and that developed his passion further. Ever since then, continuous investment in lenses and the lessons from YouTube have enabled him to improve his skills and escalate his passion for the art of photography.

Just the beauty of being able to see the world differently through the viewfinder truly made me love and appreciate the art,” recalls Vinay.

Vinay clicks almost anything and everything. Since he is in love with the wide angle perspective, he shoots a lot of landscapes, cityscapes and architecture. He also loves capturing portraiture, and conducts a lot of casual model shoots with friends that he meets online. Apart from this, he loves to capture the various facets of the streets. Vinay shoots both with his DSLR and phone, but indulges more in street photography with his phone. As a Real Estate Photographer, the biggest challenge that he faces is ‘to lead the eyes of the viewer to what is relevant; either a detail, design, or a structure.’

Photography, to Vinay is a way to play with perspective. He remarks, “The beauty of the world and its elements is seeing them in a different light, and photography to me is exploring those possibilities. Photography is to capture memories, and make travel more exciting.

Vinay in full action during a trip to Borobudur Temple at Java, Indonesia
Vinay in full action during a trip to Borobudur Temple at Java, Indonesia

As a traveller, Vinay has explored parts of Asia like Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and Yogyakarta (all three in Java, Indonesia), The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Travelling at these places has given him the requisite exposure to culture, lifestyles, and to a diversity of possibilities around the world. He will be travelling to Cambodia soon, and embark on a major backpacking trip across Europe next year. But his heart, says he, lies in the New York City:

My dream is to spend a good solid month in the west, and just capture the life of people in New York. The ambience there is just so inspirational for street and cityscapes.”

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On enquiring how travel has shaped him as a person and photographer, he remarks, “Travelling primarily introduces you to a new environment. In order to adjust with the environment, one needs to adapt his way of interacting and his way of thinking, and the ability to do so without affecting the natural flow of the environment, is what photography is about. It is about knowing and respecting the cultures and finding a way to get your shot without disturbing anyone or anything. No place is the same, and to capture its elements with an aura of the environment, is what makes photography beautiful.

As an Event Photographer, Vinay tries to capture the moments which allow him to judge a scene creatively and take a unique angle to capture it. He agrees that photography has become more of a business in the present times, but emphasizes that if the photographer is true to his basic instinct, nothing can diminish the artist within him. Apart from photography, Vinay also makes short films with a group of his friends, and that adds another unique flavour to exploring a scene.

Vinay is deeply inspired by the Instagram Community, and derives much of his inspiration from photographers like Anushka Menon, Jason M. Peterson, Steve McCurry and Claire Luxton, among others. Talking about role models, he remarks:

I believe the biggest role model is the person you were when you took your last photo. It’s the person you look up to and try to use as a standard to better yourself. I always try and look at things differently. If I visit an area again, I try to improve upon what I managed to shoot there when I visited last time.

The best piece of advice from Vinay to all the aspiring photographers is to ‘Keep Shooting.’ He further says, “The more you shoot, the better you get. No amount of camera gear or YouTube knowledge can make you take better photos, unless you go and shoot outside. And shoot pictures with your phone. The quality of mobile photography has surpassed expectations, and one can take fantastic photos from their phone. Basic composition can be improved so much by shooting on phone.

And on this noble note, Vinay signs off. Notice that his watermark in his pictures is ‘Vin.K’. We hope that Vinay keeps ‘Vinking’ and inspiring others through his art.

To delve deeper into Vinay’s passion, check out his Facebook and Instagram profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vink.photoworks/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/vink.photoworks/

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