Delhi Belly

In terms of culture, Delhi is one of the richest cities in our country. One can find someone of every religion, class, culture and background here. From the posh Vasant Vihar houses to the crowded streets of Chandni Chawk, the difference could not be starker. Dilawar Singh Benipal had travelled and seen all the well-maintained areas of Delhi, but had never got to see other parts of the city. Thus, being curious, he decided to take time out to go and see the old parts of the city with his DSLR camera.


The first of many places that he visited was the Qutab Minar. He observes that the Minar is still a centre of attraction for the tourists, and the architecture and the interiors have their own beauty. He also went to the Jantar Mantar which he thought was rather a fun place to be at.


Another place that he visited was the Jama Masjid. I have never been there my entire life, says he and yet this summer, I went there twice. Both the times he went during the evening prayers and learnt quite a few things; like wasja- the way one washes oneself off before going in for prayers. The thing he remembers most about the Masjid is the peaceful vibes that surrounded him there. It was truly an unexplainable feeling.

He mentions the contrast that he noticed between the New Delhi and Old Delhi areas. Once you enter Old Delhi, you can literally sense the diversity, he explains excitedly. The small gullies, shops, people, the workers- all make you feel like you have gone back in time. He describes the place as vintage in a positive sense.

He even shares what makes him sad about these old areas; that nothing ever changes and these places are always crowded. Ten minutes there and my head was already bursting, he says, shaking his head.

He also recalls his trip to Akshardham, a very sacred temple. Once again Dilawar was amazed by the peace he felt on entering the temple. I could literally keep sitting there all day. As a totally different reality within the same city, he speaks about his visits to the Hauz Khas village and the restaurants of Connaught Place where he hung out and relaxed with his buddies.


Despite visiting all these places and having been going around Delhi over the years, he still felt that he hadn’t explored much of the city. I feel that there is so much to see, its almost crazy, he laughs. He also remarks about how most of us believe that Delhi is very accessible, because of it being nearby, but we never really do end up exploring it properly. Listening to his escapades made me want to explore this diverse and ancient city all over again.

  • Kavya Atray

    18 years old! Currently doing Honors in English from Chandigarh. I like to sketch portraits. I am into acting. I love to read and I like music. And yes, of course I write. I am a poet. I have written around 300 poems and am continuing to write more.

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