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Travel: A word that finds room in every humans vocabulary, though its connotation in each life varies. Imbibing the thrill of voyaging in his life for as long as he could remember, Cherish Santoshi, shares with us what meaning travelling has in his 22 years of existence:

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and brought up in Chandigarh, my world revolves around my family. I work for Amazon but dig into music in my spare time.I also run an Android and Web Development startup. Traveling is my first love, and as they say, the first love lasts forever.

2. Tell us about your travels.

I’ve explored over 15 States and 5 Union Territories till date courtesy : my parents support because of which I have enjoyed the freedom to explore myself and follow what brings me peace. I also owe a great deal to my friend and mentor Richard Goodheart.

3. One destination you feel changed you the most?


Trekking back from McLeod Ganj to Dharamshala via the Monastery road, I came across a small hill swathed with thousands of prayer flags all around. It is right besides a Buddhist monastery, which you just cant miss. An air of tranquility broods over the entire arena, as if a million prayers hung in the balance of reality and beyond. The wind that touched those flags put to rest a tornado of emotions inside me and I was finally at peace. Every succeeding visit has brought in me a staunch sense of serenity and balance.

4.What do you think changed in you, courtesy your travels ?
It has made me find happiness in the littlest of things. A bucket of warm water, maggi at sub-zero temperatures, gazing at the stars with my loved ones; all these seemingly mundane things are now enough to bring a smile on my face and brighten my days.

5.What drives you to travel as much as you do?

The sheer curiosity of seeing, believing, eating and doing everything I can before I die makes me pack my bags each time and start on my next escapade.

6. Do you believe an ardent traveller becomes closer to his roots or is bound to detach from them?

Traveling helps you to find your roots and stick to them. The more I travel, the more connected I feel to my roots. I believe no other city can hold a candle to Chandigarh. The view of Shivalik Hills after a drizzle, beautiful roads adorned with green trees and the impeccably clean curbs are simply to die for. Each time I return to my city and home, I am filled with newfound respect for this beautiful homeland I am blessed with.

7.The most beautiful place you ever spent the night at?


Cola beach exclusive tented resort, Cola Beach, Goa. I slept on the beach, snuggled under the sparkling quilt of stars with the sea trying its best to rock me to sleep. I remember gazing at my twinkling companions, indulging in deep thought, till it was dawn.

8. What are 5 things a traveller should always carry, apart from the basics ?
5 things could be :
a) A journal to note down your experiences (writing is always better than typing).
b) A good quality waterproof tent to spend the night wherever you want to and more importantly, to stargaze.
c) A decent camera to capture all those priceless moments.
d) A good book to have something to read in the rare moments when there is nothing to do or see.
e) Your music library that acts as a background score to all the scenic sights you encounter on your tours.

9. What are the perks and drawbacks of traveling alone?
I can certainly tell you about the perks. You get a lot of time for yourself. You can write, read and talk to anyone you want. You end up making more friends than you would have otherwise. Amusingly, in these fellow travellers, you may find a best friend, a mentor or even the person you would spend the rest of your life with.

10. Which is the one place, out of the ones youve travelled so far, that you feel is a must visit for everyone?


I think Kerela is extremely beautiful yet underrated. This coastal haven comprises not just its world famous backwaters in Allepy, but also the peaceful and picturesque mountains in Munnar. The breathtaking Varkala beach, where I could see dolphins right from the coast, enhanced the enchantment of these shores. Also, Cola Beach in Goa is a paradise in itself, with private tents and beautiful sunsets acting as its loyal embellishments.

11.What was the best meal you’ve had during your travels?
I’ve had many amazing meals and It would be unfair to name just one. Most of them were from local shops in different states.
a) Best South India food at Mavallis Tiffin Rooms, Bangalore
b) Jan Bakery in Srinagar
c) Moonpeak Cafe in McLeod Ganj serves the most amazing Iced mint Lemon Tea.

12.Your next adventure?

Hornbill Festival Nagaland - Johan Gerrits photography

My next adventure will be somewhere in North Eastern India. I’d love to see the seven states which are still untouched by commercial tourism.



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