Morni Hills

Some people create something out of nothing and leave behind a mark that is hard to delete .

Mr . Mishra , a beauraucrat in the days of Bansi Lal government in Haryana was one such individual .Bansi Lal gave Mr . Mishra a Carte Blanche to create an infrastructure towards offering tourism spots in the barren state of Haryana . Mr . Mishra took to the task like duck to water , and crafted an infrastructure so formidable , that it it still stands as a monument to the foresight of Bansi Lal and the efficiency of Mr . Mishra .

Bansi Lal wanted a hill station in Haryana. He got one – in Morni .

Morni was connected to the Panchkula- Naraingarh road by a small kutcha track – to a point where the Forest Department took over .

In the advent of Morni in the Seventies – we would ride up to the forest barrier and no more , as the road was a mud track , under construction.


Peacocks – partridges – porcupine – an odd deer were easily spotted , by the river at the base of Morni , or in the foliage on the hill . On a day when there were no Sunday movies of note – a ride to Morni was always on the cards .

Morni of the present times is easily accessible from many a directions and the one that I like best is to drive up the back road from Raipur Rani to the hamlet of Morni and then come down via Badyal or Thapli .

The monsoon offers the best scenic views of Morni , clouds and mist roll across the valley in awesome silence . The roads are well maintained and a getaway for the Layla and Majnu’s , from the humdrum of the hectic city life .

Sadly , with the coming of the electronic gizmos , the joie de verve for outdoor life has taken a back seat . The comfort of an air conditioner while staring inanely at the idiot box , holds more charm , than to take a picnic lunch and drive away to brief ours of peace and solitude .

For those who do love a drive on the wild side – ride up into the Morni Hills on a dark night and you may be be lucky to see a trillion diamonds twinkling as the fireflies cavort in totally abandonment in the foliage of the Morni Hills .





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