Swiss Escape

Five must-knows about the happiest country in the world!

“Travelling : It leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller.”

With summits covered in snow,lush green carpets sweeping the lands, and alpine huts decorating it to perfection, the neutral nation of Switzerland is nothing short of a natural marvel. Such a description of the land surrounded by mountains is accurate yet incomplete. Many must-knows of this picturesque paradise often do not find room in travel books,brochures or on online sites. The following listicle is an attempt to capture most,if not all, such points worth pondering.


1. The Railway Respite:

No matter where you are in Switzerland,you will always find a way back through the convenient railway system, with trains leaving for the length and breadth of the country every 30-40 minutes. The Swiss rail system is not just efficient and punctual but also respite on rails. The seats are clean and comfortable, the motion felt minimal and the breathtaking views outside are the icing on this already delicious cake.


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2. Victorian Hotels:

Old-built and drenched in heritage value, the hotels will transport you to the Victorian era. The architecture, untouched by the contemporary city styles, provides for the real European experience. Though the accommodations aren’t always ample in measurement, the memories they help create are copious and cherished forever


3. Those Pricey Peaks:

Nothing good ever comes cheap and Switzerland is a live example of this. Be it food or things of daily needs, a tourist needs to shell out much more money than he ever would in his native land. Word to the wise; lay off conversion to your domestic currency, at least when spending on basics.

4. The Indian Hunger Pangs:

Switzerland is famous for many things; food is not one of them. A tourist of Indian origin fails to adore the peculiar taste of the variety of cheeses available. While vegetarians can barely survive, the non-vegetarians find it hard to gulp down the not so typical assortment of meats available. Fortunately, once the taste buds decide to take no more, one can often find quality Indian eateries owned by Indian immigrants to satiate the pangs of spices.


5. Swiss Sincerity:

Proactive, candid and civil are the people that reside this scenic State. With self-service at every stop and shop, the citizens follow each rule to utmost sincerity. This by the book breed takes pride in leading lives of self-servers, causing negligible existence of labour.

So these were some of the hacks that might come handy when planning a trip to Switzerland. Wishing you all a great voyage!

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