A Thousand Kilometres in the Himalayas

Strange activities were observed in the Himalayas in June 2015. Four cycling fanatics were cited taking to treacherous roads that these mountains offered. Long and dangerous distances stood covered. The report below provides details of this unimaginable adventure undertaken.


  • Participants: Maunil Vora, Pratyush Thakur, Gunmeet Singh and Oshan Modi
  • Places covered: Shimla – Kaza – Manali, one of the most perilous yet picturesque roads.
  • Distance Covered: 1082 kilometres
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Mode: Cycles (with helmets)
  • Achievements: Adrenaline rush, immense thrill, countless memories and tales of the captivating nature captured.
  • Loss: 52000 calories
  • Aftermath: Inspiring several others to undertake equally euphoric experiences


For those wanting to get a taste of the ecstasy experienced by these enthusiasts; just watch the video below.


  • Footage: Maunil Voraand, Pratyush Thakur
  • Editing: Refractor Studios
  • Back up and Support Crew: Magic Mountain Adventures, www.magicmountainadventures.com
  • Guides: Raju Sharmaand, Hemant Sharma.

Sneak peak into this scenic escapade (for those with a somewhat slower internet speed):

Photo Credits: indiatimes.com,stylewhack.com, tripoto.com

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