Restaurant Review: “KINGLONG”(KELONG)

Buffets,Buffets everywhere!Its probably one of the most loved words for foodies and surely brings a smile to even a sad face. Kelong has come into the battleground or rather into the race to win the buffet championship of the tricity. The competition is harsh and even the slightest of negligence can cost you everything.Will Kelong make it or get knocked out?Let’s see.
The newly opened restaurant at the top floor of the Elante mall has already created a big hype about its emergence, so I decided to check out what its really all about.Feeling famished after a tiring day at college,I went to Kelong for a lunch with friends.As you enter this place you see pretty decent decor! A big brick silver wall and orange shades give a nice warm feel.It looks very classy and gives a decent touch,not very over the top.I just loved the big orange square sitting in the beginning.All in all the decor is good,very pleasant.Now comes the part which was really dissapointing.There was no sign of hospitality!No welcome and a very casual approach from the staff is a total let down.The warm decor with some great hospitality could have done wonders but I am afraid its not the case here.
We ordered a Veg Buffet and were served the following in snacks-

1. Paneer tikka-It was good!Good marination,could have been more tender but as compared to the others it was nice.Nicely grilled !
2.Veg enchiladas-This Mexican snack was one of the best that I have ever had in a Buffet in the tricity.Delicious with a medley of flavors!
3.Vegetable Kebabs-These had very soft and sweet corns inside them.Yum!
4.Honey chili cauliflower-The cauliflower was done perfect and juicy.
5.Potato salsa-Bad! Did not like it at all.Felt it was way too cold.
6.Mushroom chilli-No flavour,just mushroom thrown into a veggie saute.Avoid.
They served us once and gave us all the snacks and after that they actually disappeared.We were without anything to eat for like 15 minutes.We had to constantly remind them that we were waiting to eat the snacks.The service is very sluggish which is a total deal breaker and can make one a little impatient as well as disappointed,the worst part of Kelong if you ask me.

Coming to the main course,they do have a wonderful spread with some great dishes.The food looks appealing and was very well prepared. Dal makhni,Palak corns,Veg lasagna,Veg chowmein and Paneer curry are a must try and the breads were good as well.
photo 4 (1)
Now if you are a dessert fan you will be disappointed,big time.There’s actually not much variety if you compare other buffets being offered at almost the same price.I just liked the cake out of all the desserts.

The main course is the best part!Snacks are average and the desserts are poor.The service is really slow and there’s a lack of hospitality as well.They do not give you the best experience while dining here,at the price you are paying for a buffet.Lots of work needs to be done and there is lots of scope for improvement. Goodluck Kelong !

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