5 Traditional Desserts for this Diwali

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While houses are embellished with lights, kith and kin fill up the rooms, the symphony of crackers lucidly heard and merriment abounds, certain devoted hands are hard at work in the kitchen. Bangles adorning arms clink whilst fingers work with finesse attained through years of experience. Post preparation, when the family savours grandma’s wondrous creations, the flavours and love with which it all is impeccably prepared are relished by each present.

A quick survey around the city revealed several such delicacies, cherished by many, straight from grandma’s recipe book.

  1. Gehun and Gudh Ladoo:

Cooked right before the Diwali puja, it mainly constitutes roasted whole-wheat grains drenched in jaggery. This specific sweet has passed down countless generations, managing to survive mostly in North India.

As per tradition:

It is first provided as an offering to Goddess Lakshmi in the evening on Diwali and is then distributed among the poor, as a ‘spreading the joy’ ritual. The chef’s kinfolks seldom consume this dish.


  1. Pinni:

Punjabi to their core, pinnis are often produced in numerous houses when Diwali is just around the corner. Ground and fried whole-wheat filled with sugar and nuts when moulded by the caring maternal hands takes shape of this delicious dish.

As per tradition:

Pinnis are eaten at the onset and during winters with the purpose of readying the body for the ruthless and inevitable change of weather. On Diwali, these are primarily offered to the Deity during puja and later gobbled up by the family and its faithful companions.


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  1. Til Bhugga:

An amusing amalgam of sesame seeds (til) and khoya, this sweet dish finds room in many domestic kitchens, where the process to perfectly fashion it unfurls. These little round ladoos enrobed in appetising sesame seeds never fail to be mouthwatering.

As per tradition:

This til or sesame seed dish provides the body with the much required warmth and strength in the colder months. Til bhugga, too, is tasted first by the Diwali Goddess, and then by the family.

til ladoo
Til Bhugga

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  1. Nariyal Burfi:

Fed up of being fed by commercially manufactured food, many families prefer nariyal burfis made with affection and in the hygienic conditions of their homes. Grated coconut, its chief constituent, adds to this dish a tone of unparalleled crispness. An often-added green or pink tint makes it all the more tempting.

As per tradition:

Coconut is considered auspicious in the Hindu religion and hence these burfis have been crafted and consumed since ages in India on pious days like Deepawali.

Nariyal Burfi

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  1. Ghughra:

When a sweet stuffing loaded with nuts and coconuts and covered in a crispy fried coating materialises, it takes form of Ghughra. Gujarati by origin, Ghughra is a festive season favourite, largely satiating the needs of a sweet tooth on both Holi and Diwali.

As per tradition:

After offering it to the Deity in the puja, ghughra is enjoyed as a wholesome sweet snack by one and all on Diwali. It may also be placed in a thali with other sweets as prasad on Chhoti Diwali.


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All these dishes vary in taste and texture but find similarity in elements like love, compassion, care, and customs. So, it is no wonder that when it comes to goodies from granny’s kitchen, we always find ourselves hungry for more!

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