A slice of NYC in CHD.

Brooklyn Central had been on my wishlist ever since I landed in Chandigarh. And I was more piqued when I readP_20150720_222906_LL that Vogue has picked it as one of the best breakfast places in India. So I decided to have their breakfast for dinner!I was famished by the time I reached the place and I was ready to gobble up everything they had in their menu.Instantly liked the whole vibe of the place, the SoHo vibe and the Open kitchen. The detailing was fab , it was clear that some P_20150715_205245_LLthought process has gone into the making of the restaurant.

I was a little disappointed with them serving mustard in a sriracha labelled bottle though. I mean who wants mustard disguised under sriracha?Of all the things they had, the breakfast menu seemed the most interesting. So I went for their sausage bacon and egg casserole which was served with herbed butter and a bean salsa. It was essentially a baked omelette with all the?P_20150715_203857_LLgoodies like bacon and sausages. The casserole could have had more seasoning and you usually expect the breakfast portions to be hearty. But it still was very good. Then I got a bit greedy and ordered their gumbo soup which had veggies plus chicken on a bed of rice. It was tangy, hearty, perfect for my South Indian palate and so filling that I had to pack it back home.Chef Goswami also came and enquired about the food and he was kind enough to send me a complimentary red velvet cheesecake which was just delicious.


They also have these amazing 1+1 offers on Monday and Tuesday which I had to check out . My middle class brain can’t let go of offers, can they? They have a specially curated menu for this one. So I chose a spicy red bean burger and chicken wings. The chicken wings was lipP_20150720_223018_LLsmackingly good with a nice tangy sauce. I licked everybit out of the plate . It was served with an equally?good Mayo.The bean burger when it came to my table, I realised that it was too huge. It had a humongous patty made of rajma and mushrooms assembled with tortilla chips, tomato slices, rocket salad, awesome fries and green chilli Mayo. So good but it was impossible for me to finish the whole thing at one go. So I asked themP_20150720_224651_LL to pack it. They generally don’t do it but they made an exception for the day. Now even if you are super full, you still have the corner in your tummy which has space for dessert right. So I went ahead and ordered a flower pot mousse. I was so intrigued by the idea itself. A triple layered mousse made with white,milk and dark chocolate and old monk soaked cookies crumbled for the sandy texture and when it finally came to my table, I was totally blown away. It did actually look like a flower pot comIMG_20151119_004521plete with edible sugar fondant flowers and parsley leaves. I do wish they had made the pot also edible made from waffle or something so that I could eat the whole thing. Super stuff, all the layers so distinct and delicious and not overpow
ered by chocolate and to think of it, it is a great way to prank someone too. So the next time someone has a birthday, ask these guys to make a flower pot mousse for you! Bon appetit !


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