Italian Rendezvous

It was a day when my taste buds asked for some absolutely real flavors from this not-so-real world.
My search helped me zero on the very famous Italian food delights. They are surely ruling the world, be it the most favourite colorful pizzas, delectable pasta, mouth watering bruschetta or relishing ravioli. The names of dishes are enough to make me feel hungry. Let me have some of it and then come back and write more :p
Okay so after my pizza break, I am back here with all the praise to the inventors.And thanks to some of the very fine chefs in Chandigarh who know how to bake it right!
Small trivia on the best Italian dish, pizza. Pizza Margherita is a depiction of Italian flag with only three main ingredients representing the colors of the flag – tomato (red), mozzarella (white) and green (basil).
Talking about the Italian fiesta, the first name that comes to my mind is undoubtedly the best in the league Oregano Restaurant and Bar- The JW Marriot. The Chef at Oregano makes your day just perfect! The best thing about Oregano is the ORIGINALITY in the taste. Almost all other places in town including some of the pizza giants have taken good care in mixing Indian love to the Italian dishes but Oregano has been very loyal to the actual taste of Italian food.
Along with the perfect brand name, Oregano has got the perfect dishes. Situated on the first floor of the hotel, you get a beautiful view of the city. They have an open kitchen concept which is again an add on. Wooden flooring plus bar at the start, sufficient seating spaces and fine decor all adds to the beauty of Oregano.Please note that its only available for dinner, as the timings start from 7 pm.
Now coming to the perfect food that they serve. Believe me its really hard to find faults in their dishes (considering the Italian taste). The food is superb but Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli is the best. Its a must try for any Ravioli lover. In drinks I had Agrumi and it was really refreshing, there were certain appetizers in which the cold cuts were amazing. Their Bruschetta is good but they have even tastier dishes :p


In the main course if you like sea food, then please go for Branzino alla ligure, it was really scrumptious. For veggies there are two options and amongst them I had Polenta, which was again really good.



This is surely not it, my tummy feels incomplete without dessert. And seriously they have done great justice to it. Their Tiramisu is great but so are the other desserts.



So next time if you want to taste the real flavors of Italy in Chandigarh, get your passport ready for Oregano.

Prenditi Cura!(Take care!)
Felice Mangiare (Happy Eating!) 🙂

  • Anupam Goel

    25, MBA, amateur restaurant blogger and iconic heartthrob :p ;)


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