Comida Mexicana Tratar

Hola! Like their name, Viva Mexico has put in all efforts to take you to the delicious world of Mexico. This is the place where one can have authentic Mexican food.Ambience, food and music justify the name completely.

The first impression of any restaurant is it’s look and ambience. Viva Mexico has shown variety across the premise. Although the colors and sitting arrangements at the entrance do not really attract but as soon as we move to the other part, the Mexican feel comes afresh. Seating arrangement with benches is done in a very local style. Sombrero and paintings take you to the Mexican world. The set up is bright and lovable. It is perfect for enjoying with friends.

If you are looking for a pinch of romance in the air, dont worry because this has also been taken care of very well. With filtered lights and slow music, this place lures all love birds. I have been to this place several times and always found my comfortable corner with no hustle bustle around.

Coming to most important part of the restaurant? FOOD!

Viva Mexico has the most genuine local food, which means they havent Indianised it. That is their mantra for survival. The best dishes of Viva Mexico are Quesadillas, Pizza, Nachos and Burritos. These dishes are available at many other restaurants but after having these here you get to taste and understand the actual Mexican flavor.Here are the pictures of a few of their dishes. It would certainly give a true foodie a reason to try.


Quesadillas are there best part. There are many reasons to have it. Perfectly baked, finely stuffed, mouth watering sauces and delectable taste.



Pizza is thin crust. Crisp and delicious. Although I am not fond of thin crust pizza but theirs is really good.


Taco salad

Crunchy tortilla, corn and other finely sliced veggies makes this a proper salad.


Flauta plate

It has fried corn tortillas, Spanish rice, beans and salsa.



This fruity mocktail is worth a try!



Here comes the Mexican caramel custard




The most heard dish from Mexico, the tacos!!



And this is not it. This place has a long menu to be tried.

Your table attendant will inform you in advance if any of the dishes will take much time. Staff is courteous. Place is affordable with the budget of around Rs. 500-600 for two people.And before the end, they earn brownie points from me for providing free wifi ๐Ÿ˜› My recommendation: worth a try.

Wishing you all a good food life ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy eating ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anupam Goel

    25, MBA, amateur restaurant blogger and iconic heartthrob :p ;)


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