Eat All Night !

Hunger sees no time and thanks to some 24*7 eateries and of course, our home for understanding it. Eating out places that are open at night are like blessings in disguise for a foodaholic. Here are some of the famous, hidden and candid places in Chandigarh that serve food at odd hours.

The Night Factory


Its a delivery only restaurant .The night factory serves food till 3 am and they take approximately 40 min to deliver the yummy food. Food quality is good, price wise it costs you nearly Rs. 600 for two people.



One of the most happening places in Chandigarh, Hotel Aroma provides you with several options like Nik Bakers, Cafe Coffee Day. For ice cream and desserts, there is Gelato Italiano, Yogurberry and many more. However many of these are open till 1am or 2 am but CCD and the Eating House are open 24 hours. So, at any point of time ‘A Lot can happen over a Cup of Coffee‘.

Night food street


Here comes the University ki jaan! Our very favourite NFS. Just don’t consider the best ambience or the best taste. Its best because it‘s adjacent to the University and provides decent food all night. Very economical and regular on taste.

Parantha Stalls


Now comes the exciting one. Parantha with adventure:you cannot ask for more in a night. These Paranthas are available in the dark service roads of Sector 11, Sector 10 and Sector 16. They sit there until Police arrives. Sometimes you would catch them standing in a haphazard manner.You reach the spot to have paranathas and chai and then you see the parantha wala running with his cart. Parantha wala aage aage, police peeche peeche. Too much fun! So good luck to you for every visit. And yes do ask for aalo ki chutney along with the parantha.

Sector 17 Omelet and Maggi


Sector 17(sataraan), this place is the heart of Chandigarh as it is always bustling with people, during the day because of its market and at night for it’s famous omelet and Maggi! Just in the market opposite to Bus stand, there are 3-4 stalls which prepare and sell delicious omelet and Maggi. By the way these days its Maggi ki choti behen Yippie 😉 .

PGI Canteen


I know its a serious place, but believe me food section in the shopping complex of PGI is even for all non serious people, you get yum paranthas and dinner and that too at very reasonable prices. Its open 24 hours.

Sethi Dhaba


Sethi Dhabha! A complete fan of Gurdas Mann, but yes along with the ambience the management has the entire focus on its food as well. A good place to hangout, plus its added advantage is that it is open till 2-3 am. Price wise its economical.



Wanna see Chandigarh ki raunak after 12, just go there. At times it is full of people. After all the disc parties or nightouts with friends, this is one of the most famous places. Here breakfast starts at 4 am and it is open 24*7.

Singhs chicken and Tehel Singh

The very famous Tehel Singh ka dhabha and the adjoining Singh’s chicken in Sector 22 are two other places to overcome your hunger. However to have a meal at Tehel Singh’s dhaba you should reach there before midnight. Singh’s chicken is open till 1 am and it offers home delivery also.

Midnight Chef


Another delivery only place and it delivers till 4 am. Food is good and would cost you approximately Rs600 for two people.



Being near the railway station, might be a relief to some but don’t rely on them, the only good thing here is 25% student discount. Not good on taste according to me. Its open 24 hours.

The Chef – 43

Located at sector 43 bus stand, The chef provides many options in its menu and that too at nominal rates. It is open 24 hours.

Dark Moon Kitchen


Enjoy the night with mouth watering delicacies from Dark Moon Kitchen. It is a delivery only restaurant and it delivers only till 3 am. It costs around Rs. 700 for two people.

Happy Eating 🙂

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