Healthy Food Doesn’t Always Have to be Complicated

This is basically for all of you who are looking to shed a couple of pounds or simply looking for ways to eat healthy. When looking at diets or recipes that will make your lifestyle fat-free, one generally comes across annoyingly complicated recipes and fad diets. The normal food that is cooked at home can easily be made healthy with a few slight tweaks. When eating healthy, one does not have to completely put aside all fatty foods. Remember, some fat is necessary.Now according to most physicians, one should eat five to six small meals a day.



We’ve been told numerous times, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And hands down, thats absolutely true. One of the most basic and healthy ways to start the day is by having a bowl of oatmeal or wheat germ, whichever is easily accessible. If you enjoy eating eggs, the healthiest, but also most bland option is hard boiled eggs. Fried eggs on the other hand, have more calories as well as saturated fat. Other than that, a glass of fresh juice or low fat milk to accompany your breakfast works great.


Snack between breakfast and lunch:

Fruits have a very high vitamin, mineral and fibre content. All of which are crucial for our body to function well. Thus a snack should consist of one portion of fruit .i.e. an apple, banana, basically any seasonal fruit. A small quantity of dry fruit is nutritious and contains a great amount of healthy fats too, so one can try and include it in one way or another.



Lunch would basically consist of a particular dal and sabzi(vegetable). Dal is extremely rich in protein, and one bowl is an absolute must. And one shouldn’t ignore the importance of green vegetables. That’s your main source of fiber! Spinach and zucchini- don’t run away from them. Up to three serving spoons of rice or two chapattis to accompany your meal. The vegetables can be cooked with less oil, however if it is an absolute must, replace your cooking oil with olive oil. It has a huge list of benefits. And if you eat chicken, that’s perfect. Chicken can be grilled, baked and cooked in a light mixture of sauces. Again, its a great source of protein. Eating yogurt assists digestion and its consumption has been recommended by most dietitians! Deep fried food of course must be avoided!


Tea/Snack Time:

Green tea! It IS actually amazing. The best thing is that it comes in various flavours so its easy to drink. A great antioxidant, green tea helps in weight loss. Of course, its not a miracle drink. But it definitely prevents stress and heart related diseases. That’s definitely a plus point.

Honestly, one tablespoon of peanut butter on a slice of wholegrain bread is a pretty healthy, as well as a delicious snack.


Dinner of course should be the lightest meal of the day. Soup or a light mix of vegetables, a sandwhich or simple dal and roti would do the trick.

Other than that, eat what you want but in a limited amount. Remember, too much of anything isn’t good for you.

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