Let’s get ready to Barbeque!

I welcome you on board with The Top dog of Chandigarh! Yes you heard that right I am talking about Barbeque Nation.Barbeque Nation is widely considered as the best thing in Chandigarh so I had huge expectations from this place and they delivered! YES they were outstanding.

Ambience- Its one of the best in the city, the smoky aroma tells you that yes it’s barbecue time.Lighting is okay and artifacts are fine.Decor is mesmerizing,The sitting is pretty comfy and the tables are of adequate height to entice you with a great dining experience.The crowd is always lively and the place is not very noisy as such.You can actually have a very good time there.

Hospitality-They are very hospitable and generous while serving.
The Servers/waiters are very good! They serve you with a smile and make you feel at home.Awesome treatment, just loved it.They make sure to give you a wonderful time.They always tell you about the dishes you can ask for even if its not on the menu and discuss the ingredients as well!How good is that?

Lets review their Buffet(it’s show time)

Veg starters
1.Paneer tikka- One of the best Paneer Tikkas ever! Seriously the marination is tangy, and gives a sizzling taste to the buds(4/5)
2.Grilled pineapple-Juicy and succulent(I’ve had better though!)3/5
3.Grilled Litchi-Now this was something spectacular, ultimate flavour with filling (4/5)
4.Stuffed mushrooms-They were okay! The filling was good but can be better(3/5)
5.Potato salsa-Great taste, perfectly cooked! It was marvellous (4/5)
6.Rice ball- It was Okayish (2/5)
7.Small potatoes-Disappointing(1/5)


The starters overall pack a punch! You will love most of the things.

Non veg includes- Fish,Prawns,Chicken tikka, Tangri’s and mutton.

Main course
Now they have some great food lined up in the main course!
The salads are few and far between.The mains include paneer, Dal Makhni, Chowmien, vegetables in garlic sauce, bhindi masala(Okra’s).I was so lost in the amazing, tantalizing aroma of the main course,I just cant put it in words.
Breads included naan’s,Missi roti’s and on my special request they served me garlic naan,how wonderful is that.

They have some lip smacking desserts! The mango cheesecake was a delight and easily the showstopper.
Also-Kheer,Gulab Jamun,cakes and Ice cream which are the usual favourites.

Prices- The quality and quantity of food is too good, You won’t regret paying for it!(Tip for veggies, go on Monday or Tuesday for a slightly less priced buffet or try the early bird discount that is before 7.30 pm.For the entire price list and menu you can check the Bbq nation page on Facebook or just Google it.

Verdict-If you haven’t been here you have surely missed on something,really!
Now many people would want to know if its better than pirates of the grill(Elante mall).I would say Yes! It is better in most aspects such as Hospitality,Service,Quality,Taste and ambience.Pirates in my view only has better pineapple! Rest Barbeque Nation is the king of the jungle and surely has an edge over Pirates according to my personal analysis.



Disclaimer-I am not associated with Barbecue nation in any capacity.Its my own personal experience and I just speak my heart out every time and certainly,I paid the bill on my own.


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