Pizza, the more I get it more I love it. It is no more limited to an Italian cuisine, we have now created so

many versions of it that it is now omnipresent. Prantha pizza, chocolate pizza, Paneer tikka Pizza, and

many more versions of it have already been created. And believe me, we love it!

I know when we say pizza, the restaurants which strikes us first are Dominos, Pizza Hut. But our city

beautiful has many more places which make delectable pizza, let me share some of my experiences.


La Pinoz

With many outlets in the city, La Pinoz is quite famous with the localities. With the wide variety and

varying sizes, La Pinoz is slowly becoming favourite of many. The best part is their crust, that is crispy.

The pizza is yum, be it Veg. or Non Veg., both are delicious.


Cassa Bella Vista Pizzeria

The name says it, Casa Bella Vista Pizzeria has more than just beautiful ambiance and courteous staff.

The pizza here are thin crust, the names are although bit twisted, but the taste is perfect. Make sure you

taste the sauce before ordering the pizza.



Not just the subs, but Quiznos(Now Boston Bites) has much more to offer, the cookie is yum, so are the

pizzas, especially the pizza with Indian tadka, i.e. the Paneer Tikka Pizza. The service is quick and staff is

really nice. The crust is normal and size is I guess 9 inches.


Dumis Kitchen

Dumis kitchen is for home delivery and take away only, however now they have discontinued the

chocolate pizza, but it was the first place in Chandigarh where I had it. The pizza was great, chocolaty,

and sweet.


The Rumour Mill

Rumours are still loud that the place is great to hang up with bunch of friends. The added advantage is

the scrumptious food. The pizza here is thin crust and worth having.


Viva Mexico

The Mexican specialists and one of my all time favourites. They prepare one of the best thin crust pizzas,

the crust is crisp and delicious and the size is more than enough to serve two. Every time I order they say

that it will take time, but believe me its worth waiting.


Virgin Courtyard

This place is well known to almost all Chandigarh people. This place is perfect for date, celebration,

peaceful time and what not. Along with its beautiful ambiance, Virgin Courtyard offers delectable Italian

food. Pizzas from this place are super, if you havent been here then rush ๐Ÿ™‚

I know there are many more places, please share your experiences by commenting below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Eating ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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