STUCEE! Its the heart of Panjab University. The popularity of Stucee is not just limited to the university people but the localities are also crazy about this place. It wont be wrong to call it one of the landmarks of our city beautiful.
Student center or more famously known as Stucee, is a food hub. Here you have various options to choose from. From north Indian to Chinese, south Indian to Pizza, this place has a lot of variety. Food is good and reasonable. Here you get a Butter Masala dosa for just Rs 43, a grilled sandwich for Rs 50, a medium glass of shake for Rs 40, and many other items at related prices.
So now lemme give details about various food options available here.
If your taste buds desire the South Indian taste, then the only place available in University is South Indian Cafe. Although the dishes are not out of the world but still this place is always full. One reason is that it is the only cafe in Stucee with proper seating arrangement. The preparation is fine, nothing too special, butter Masala Dosa is good (However the preparation level really fluctuates, hope yours is a good one :p). Upma is fine, Idli and Vada are satisfactory. Service is quick, and seats are also easily available. But you will have to go to three floors up and that too by walking though the ramp.
There are several options for north Indian food on the ground level itself, be it Paneer naan, or Dal makhani, or Cholle bhature or Paranthas and many other food items. Every shop has its specialty, one is famous for its grilled sandwiches while the other provides a good naan.
Then there is Mama Mia and here the food tastes much similar to ghar ka khana. Healthy food items like sprouts, juices, fruit chat etc. are also available here. Best from this place is their Veg. thali and Pranthas. Don’t forget to try the green chutney from here.
Shakes and juices are available almost on every shop but if you want to have brownie or Oreo shake then Shake Club is your place. Do try their burgers and grilled sandwiches as well. Also they have spring rolls, Manchurian, Momos and other similar items in their menu.
Then there is Acme India Taste Point, this place is famous for the street food, as this is the only shop in Stucee to have street food in their menu, along with that it also serves juices and shakes.
The first shop, Guru Snacks is famous for tawa parantha(Paneer and aalo). Also Footlongs and burgers are good here.
Adjacent to it there is Fresh Bites. This place is famous for its evening special, in the evening there is one special item always like Kadhai paneer, Cheese tomato, chilly, Kofta, Paneer lababdar etc. Also they prepare tandoor parantha in the breakfast, along with several delicious dishes.
Fresh Bites have two shops and this second one is famous for its Paneer roll, Mexican roll, burgers and other snacks items.
For the best Palak Paneer and Paneer naan, Pakwan Meals is your place, now they have started to prepare tawa roti as well, so one more reason to try!
On the extreme corner of Stucee there is Raj Eatery, they provide several options in north Indian dishes like Sarso ka saag, Cholle bhature and Cholle kulche and their specialty kadhai paneer. Along with these items there are many more options available here.
Next to Pakwan Meal there is the place Mona Refreshments which refreshes you with their juices, tea and coffee.
Talking about coffee without mentioning Nescafe is not possible. This outlet was earlier famous for Maggi, iced tea and coffee. Hope Maggi comes back very soon ๐Ÿ™‚
Hope I am able to give you some more reasons to come and eat here. ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy Eating ๐Ÿ™‚

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