Tango with Mango

“Knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit and wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.”A few years back, all of us would have agreed to this statement. But all this changed ever since Masterchef Australia started playing in our idiot boxes. Fennel , braised lamb , ravioli and the likes started looking all too familiar to us. When big daddies like McDonalds and Dominos first came to our shores, the onus was on indianising the western staples. And then the deluge started. From chicken tikka pizzas to spicy paneer burgers , it was a runaway hit. But with the advent of gourmet food culture,the Indian janta who was happy eating aloo tikki burgers started wanting more. And that is what has forced all these behemoths to bring something new to the table.

Guava chili donut
Guava chili donut

I must say Dunkin Donuts was the first one to up the game.When they launched this wicked wrap, what truly stood was their use of a raw mango relish and tortilla chips inside a multi grain tortilla. Now who ever thought these chains would serve us our own kitchen secrets, repackage them and give back at us with an explosion of flavors on our palate. The next one was their spiked iced tea. More like masala iced tea with hints of cinnamon, cardamom and star anise. So refreshing! Not to be left behind, they also had a limited edition, guava chilli donut with a white chocolate frosting.Decadence spunked with some spice!

Greek Mutton Burger with Chicken chili
Greek Mutton Burger with Chicken chili


When Wendy’s launched their first Indian store in Gurgaon, they clearly knew, the only way to differentiate themselves among the clutter of burger chains is to have their own innovative take on them. Take for instance, their spicy aloo crunch burger has a bhut jolokia twist to it. For the uninitiated, bhut jolokia is the spiciest chilli in the world its home being our very own Assam. Greek mutton burger came with a parsley flavored greek yogurt and a corn bun. Such a nice Mediterranean touch! Bacon cheesy fries, cheddar cheese jacket potatoes, they have a lot going on their menu.Not to forget their chicken chili, chicken and kidney beans stewed together.If they had served rice too, we would have had our own Mexican rajma chaawal!

Cheese bacon jacket potatoes
Cheese bacon jacket potatoes

Now Mango seems to be a favorite with Nandos too. They have recently launched their Angry Mango Burger and the way they had made their flyers, it looked like they were using fresh ripe mango but that wasn’t the case. I went for the pita instead of burger. Yes I do have a soft corner for pitas, (God bless the Lebanese). The angry mango burger turned out to be as fabulous it sounded. Grilled chicken with cooked mango pieces and the classic extra spicy peri peri sauce inside a melt in mouth pita is truly a marriage made in heaven.The spiciness of the peri peri balanced with subtle sweetness of the cooked ripe mango cubes, not to forget the succulent grilled chicken, so combined with some grilled veggies, it is a complete meal in itself. Don’t miss it! Head to Elante rightaway!


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