10 things about Indian TV shows which made us go facepalm – and still do!

1.The VERY special graphic effects

Worst thing you can do with graphics

WHAT! WHAT! WHAT?!- If thats not enough you can see the film freezing at the important characters with a grey effect. I mean who likes that much GRAPHICAL DRAMA?! Compare an international show of the same time slot and an Indian T.V show. You only get to know the MUCH AWAITED secret in the whole 22-25 minute soap and the rest of the time is wasted on focusing on the peoples pathetic faces and the next episode ONLY shows the reaction of those people. Hence, three continuous slaps return with the reaction.


*sad music*

They have folders of TUNES to be played at the background. For it be a baby to be born, a certain death, heartbreak, a romantic moment-they have them for all of the situations! The music is so damn loud that it makes you rush you to the remote and mute it up. They are acutely over wretched disturbance to your ears. Indisputably, the top and the most used one must be THREE SLAPS.mp3.


And..he returns!
And..he returns!

If you are dead, you are dead. But hey! There is no such thing as death in the Indian T.V industry. You cant return as your own daughter or son unquestionably. Instead of not returning as your child, you can return as a new character from around the world that CO-INCIDENTLY has the same face and CO-INCIDENTLY meets the caste too. You will never die until your director wants you to.

4.Pull it long, long like your characters life span

Best example

They died, their children died, their children are married and old but young and the focus comes on the new leads love life. Without any story, keep dragging it until your show gets highly ignored.

5.Makeup doesnt see anything, it just happens

Powdery dreams?

You cry, apply makeup. You sleep, apply makeup. Even if you are going to suicide you cant do it without makeup! Its against your fundamental values! You wont actually see a T.V character with no makeup until and unless they have to look like rags.

6.Vamp is a necessity. . . conversion to a good guy is indeed

Is it too late now to say sorry
An unhappy and angry mother-in-law is mandatory but in case she is the sweet one, theres always a person in the family who screw up things between the happy cupules. Get it clear; two reasons can be there for the conversion of the vamp- The serials going to end or the vamp would come up and say- SURPRISE! YOU ARE FOOLED. Dumb creatures!

7.Hate each other in the start, end up loving or even marrying

I hate you, like I love you
It all starts with I hate him . . . why am I thinking about him . . . Do I love him? and blushes with a sudden stroke of air from nowhere. I mean you CAN think of your enemy no matter what. How more dumb you can be? Its a pigeonhole followed by almost EVERY SINGLE SERIAL on the T.V! Come on, we are so done with it. . So badly!

8.Time changes, why doesnt the story?


Watch a serial, leave it for some time and watch it again . . . You will never take more than some minutes to catch up even if you were watching it after a month. And the torture continues.

9.Change in genre


Forget characters, T.V producers are master minds who not only change the tracks but even the genre of the serial. It doesnt take a minute to a love saga change into a comedy show or a serious issue story to become a horror story. Indulged . . . so indulged into making money.

10.Dreaming drama


Daydreaming is okay but when you take the leads and make a song over them, cherish the viewers, make them go like AWW and suddenly say- Hey! Dont be serious its just an imagination. I feel like banging my head into the T.V at that moment. They happen often, so very often and take almost 15 minutes of the show. Talk about killing time!

We want Sarabhai vs Srabhai back!

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