1. Dont be rigid. Be flexible enough to accommodate new happenings that come your way!
  2. Always apologise, if you know youre wrong. But just make sure, you are not repeating that same mistake again. (Because, then that wont make any difference.)
  3. Be open to new ventures in life. Things that daunt you, or you are not comfortable doing. Doing new things, will open your prospects.
  4. Just because, everyone is doing it, you need not to go with the herd of sheep. You are an individual, with your own identity. Voice your opinion.
  5. Have you always believed in the saying Go with the flow. Dont! Because the flowing rivers, always lead to the waterfalls, and you end up falling on the rocks.
  6. Time is very important. Be punctual.
  7. Never ever cling to stagnation or deadlock. Itll not take you anywhere. Either break it, or move on.
  8. Dont you ever dare to lose the ability to trust. A trifle incident would shake you, and you might believe that the universe is not fair, but baby! Hold on, the universe has planted something better for you. 😉
  9. Surround yourself with positivity. Positive people. Positive vibes. Positive ideas.
  10. And it is said that, the thing which is constant in this world is Change. No! Whats constant is, your parents love. No matter what blunders you make, what phases you are going through, theyve always got your back.
  11. Everyone has their own days of sunlight and rain, but never lose hope. This too shall pass.
  12. Talking to oneself is very important. The art of soliloquy should be practiced for introspection and self analysis. There is a lot more to know about whats hidden inside.
  13. Dont create your own scenarios in mind. Things thatd never taken place, except in your imagination. Youll create problems, which were never there.
  14. Take it easy dude! Life is not that cruel! You have so many reasons to laugh and be thankful to the universe, for bestowing the things you have!
  15. Every person in the Universe is struggling, maybe with family, with friends, job etc. Be gentle, kind, because you dont know the untold story.
  16. Never ever lie. No matter how good youre at hiding, or how much fool proof plan youd made. The truth would come out and that too in an ugly way. Then the consequences will be brutal.
  17. Karma is a bitch. You mustve heard about it. Leave everything on karma. Believe me, everything is pre written, and youll get many surprises. Dont plan your revenge.
  18. Happiness is contagious.
  19. Explore new friendships, explore new people. Youll never know, and youd find the best one!
  20. Forgive! Dont hold back any grudges.
  21. Never regret for your actions or deeds. May be it was done by you, so that you could discover and grow in life. Youre now polished!


Hopefully, my 2015 lessons would be able to inculcate, a drop of rejuvenation, for the coming 365 days!

P.S. Inspired from Robin Sharmas article, 35 priceless lessons 2015 taught me.


  • Navnoor Kaur

    20. Pursuing B.Com. Writing gives me solace and tranquility. Full of life.

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