Glimpses of What Happens At An MUN

MUNs are a world of motions and chits, incorrect punctuations and pronunciations, formals and folders, heated debates, accusations and documents galore. One notices several kinds of debaters at an MUN – serious, hilarious, dumb, silent, sleepy and the like!

  1. “Is this the Modelling United Nations?”

Some people who participate in MUNs have a clear vision in their eyes – to show off the formals they bought last week. The question of the day has been changed from “What’s the agenda?” to “What’s the dress code?”

  1. CRISIS!!!!!

Every good MUN is accompanied by a crisis situation, not just to spice up the debate but to wake up sleepy delegates from their daydreams.

  1. “I am just here to catch up on some sleep.”

Who knew insomnia could be cured so easily? Most of us have been a part of extremely boring committees and unenthusiastic, lethargic discussions. The only relief is the adjournment of the committee to break for lunch.

  1. Sharing is caring

Ahh! The act of giving up a seat near the power socket for another delegate is the ultimate gesture of diplomacy and friendship! It brings about quite a lot of gasps and wide eyes in the conference.



  1. “Would you like to…you know..?”

How can an MUN be fun without social events? And how can social events be complete without dates? Several techniques are applied for asking out another delegate; the most common being ‘the asking out via chit’ style. And who enjoys the most in this whole exchange? The Conference staff.

  1. The incessantly vocal delegates

Haven’t we all come across MUNners who turn a deaf ear to the President’s continuous double taps? They probably speak at a speed of 120kmph.

  1. The actual debaters

And then we have the award winning, research doing, diligent and sensible delegates. After the first day itself, one can predict that they’ll win the title of Best Delegate. They start commanding respect and are heard by everyone. They are there to win!



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