Are we successful in pulling ourselves out of our miserable gloom, if there is any? Do we really fill our minds with positivity and calmness every morning? The answer to these questions certainly might not be a YES. But, are we conscious of our physical well being? Do we feel the need to look presentable and overcome the drawbacks in our appearances? Well, the answer to these might most definitely be a YES.

This brings us to the gravest problem of our age- the inability to understand our own psychology. We tend to invest so much in our physical health that our psychological health deteriorates. We nurse and take care of our physical injuries if we sustain them. What we fail to cleanse are the injuries our mind sustains almost every day! What we fail to look after is, our emotional hygiene.

Emotional hygiene refers to being cognizant of our psychological health and needs, therefore, altering our habits to behave towards the situation at hand. Just as we are concerned about our bodily injuries, we should be the same for the wounds our mind sustains. Our emotional hygiene is repeatedly infected by negative forces like rejection, failure, sorrow, stress, emotional grief and the like. Failing to get the expected results, you are overpowered by sorrow of failure. Any attack over your emotions through any way causes disturbance in your peace of mind. We believe that such impacts are inevitable, so how do you deal with the inevitable?

The best way to ensure your emotional hygiene is to make sure that you:-

  • Recover your self esteem, avoid becoming self-critical after a rejection and, instead, try to boost your self-esteem by focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.


  • Indulge in a pep-talk, instead of engaging in a futile activity; try to spend time with yourself through the pep-talk. After all, no one understands your mental state better than yourself.


  • Dont let the vicious circle of negativity continue; emotions like negativity and helplessness cloud your positive approach and make you succumb to them. Be a winner and fight back!


  • Rejuvenate yourself; detach yourself from the morose feeling of loss, misery, melancholy and agony and attach yourself to the brighter and recreational aspect of your life ( this could involve enjoying your hobby or simply adding activities or persons to heal your damaged self)


  • Lastly, regain your control; you are the architect of your own destiny. Let no person or event add a grain of depression or trouble in your smooth ride. Find reasons to overcome the hurdle and dont let the hurdle overshadow you.


Remember always, What lies ahead of you, and what lies behind you, fails in comparison, to what lies inside you.

If we can clean our teeth every morning, why not to scrutinize our emotions too? Losing your peace of mind is way more painful than losing a tooth.

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