Letter to the Editor: Because We Can


When we read about great people,
And their extraordinary feats,
Some of us feel inspired,
Others are indifferent,
And some close their books.
“We are busy,” they say.
“How?” I ask.
“Busy, filling our minds with hay,
And thinking of holidays in may.”

We have become so ignorant,
That we are now a deterrent,
To the world and the society.
Why are we molded carbon copies,
Without minds of our own?
Why can’t we be original?
Why are our thoughts abysmal ?
Why do we indulge in bad habits,
And spend more time with our gadgets?
We reek of bad intentions,
And then, complain of depression.

The truth is, we question reasoning.
We have forgotten how to empathise,
And we don’t even realise
That we need to give back to the world,
What it has given to us.

“It’s the age,” they say,
“To drink and smoke your troubles away,
To make mistakes and to be fake.”
But I, I disagree.
Its the age to wake up and shoulder responsibility,
To help and grow,
To create and innovate,
To dream and transform,
To realise and actualize,
To think.
To lead.
To reach the skies.
To make it all possible.
Because WE can.





  • Noor Kumar

    16. Student of Carmel Convent. Writer. Blogger. Love dancing, reading and doing theatre. Learning french. Appreciate feedback. Still trying to discover myself and what I want to do in this haphazard world! Happy person :)


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