Blood is thicker than water.


God bless you Facebook. For being the most comprehensive social media site of all time. Not being on Tumblr didnt deprive me of the pleasures of that completely different and one of its kind universe. The number of intellectuals, poets, thinkers, comedians and most importantly, common-sense-possessing-people on that site would put any artist congregation to shame. Their only problem being that they are nerds of the highest order and wouldnt change the world until they get rid of their computers and see the daylight for a little while. Petition to being these passive world changers into active and perpetual existence!

How many times have we been faced with the dilemma of choosing family over friends. A very popular and utterly redundant reality show called Roadies asks a very problematic question which goes as, what would you do if your parents didnt agree to the partner you loved and wanted to marry? And the world faces this problem every single day. Some quote Blood is thicker than water on a regular basis. Some write novels called 2 States. Some elope to Vegas because #YOLO. And others are killed under the name of Love Jihad.


We usually use the saying as a reminder that family bonds are more important than temporary relationships with friends. However, according to, the saying means the bond between comrades is stronger even than your family allegiances. Nothing brings dudes together like bathing in the blood of your enemy. According to the quote, blood is supposed to refer to blood relations of the family; for shaming those who overrule the sacred familial relationships for evanescent relationships. However, what is water supposed to refer to here? The life-saving elixir that you mix alcohol into and swear your life by, with your pals?

The earlier original proverb being The blood of a covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. The interpretation of the term was literal blood that is, the blood that is shed by the soldiers on the battlefield makes for stronger bonds than those of the family you happened by chance to be born into.

This is what evolution does to English language.

Consider two scenarios of forever. One that originates from the womb and one that originates with a casual hello. Both involve promises, sacrifices and love. More often than not, your acquaintance knows more about your life than your parent or sibling does. Because it is an inane need of a human mind to abide by the family values and expectations in the best possible way and everything that youre not so proud of stays out of their reach. But who is to say that that friend wouldnt move to a different country the next day and lose contact in a few weeks despite vows of keeping in touch. Who is to say that the lover who swore his affection to you by all the old gods and the new, wouldnt leave you when your demons got too difficult to waltz with. Who is to say that your eyes which once held all the stars in the Universe for some, wouldnt turn dusty and hazy for the same person. Who decides all the ties in the world?

One may turn a blind eye to a former lover in pain, with only a few vestiges of good, old times inciting feelings of sympathy or pity, but family is biologically conditioned to go to all lengths to help even a disowned family member who needs them. What is blood and what is water here? How deep should the relationship be to hear the distant echoes of familiarity and longingness until you respond to it? The heart wants what it wants. What exactly does it want? Is it so easy to let go of someone that you created from nothing but a cell? Or is it easier to let go of all the conversations that made you what you are today- a civilised thinker.


God dammit Tumblr. You unforgiving inciting-a-chain-of-train-wrecked-thoughts mind stimulator.


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