A Day of Happiness


I have had my share of weird obsessions when puberty hit me. I hope everyone has been through that phase; that would make me feel loads better, thank you very much. One day I’d be fascinated by car mechanics and my imagination would zoom to myself wearing the fluorescent orange vests and emerging from under cars covered in grease. Other times there would be me seething with jealousy at history students. They always seem to have a look on their face that spoke, “I know much more about where you came from and I just figured out a pattern, so I shall say ‘History shall repeat itself’ at random intervals of time”. As adulthood settled in, I realised, as a result of my narrow mind set and a great ability to make myself feel better about things that scare me, that history doesnt matter. Evolution is the single most important thing in the Universe. After time. You seek inspiration from your past, you prepare for your future. But you live in the present moment. And thats all that matters, for now.

Among other things, along the likes of the above ones, I have also always been fussed about Holi. Holi for me, is the most explicit way you can shout, living in the moment and be socially okay with the act. One of the most deadly sins out of the seven, sloth, always kept me from going into its history and discovering about the evolution of this festival, but again, I made my peace with my inability to focus on the more important things in life. (If you need tips, denial is one fool proof way.)

My firm belief about one of the better ways of living life is, being surrounded by everything vibrant and colourful. If so many colours exist, there should be a manifestation of it always. It is similar to expression of your love for someone because just having love for them in your heart is not enough. Commemorating a day when everyone and everything is filled with gaiety and colours is my idea of going out to strangers and getting to know the souls inside them. Other days, it would be creepy if you started waving madly at the people in your vicinity who clearly have better things to do than entertain a lunatic. On this day, it is a social norm. Which means that you most probably won’t get a restraining order for your enthusiasm.

On a more serious note, and a colourful one, a day devoted to frolic and frivolities with an added tinge of mom’s delicacies, neighbours’ more delicacies, innate and endless strategies to hit the balloons in the most painful way possible (between the shoulder blades) and a quiet sense of happiness after you’re scrubbed clean, is pure satisfaction.

This world needs more reminders that in the deepest corners of each human’s heart, lies a need for love and friendship, and a desire to break away from the consumerism that exhausts each ones mental health. Even one day when no one is shouting anti-national slogans, debating about anti-national slogans or writing editorials about anti-national slogans, is a good day.

And heavens know that we can do with good days.

A very Happy Holi folks. Live this day to the fullest. They are few and far between, as it is.


  • Sohini Saini

    Please give me a cool label that describes what I do- figure out things. Or rather, endeavors to. I am treading along the path which ends where I identify my true passion in life. Till then, it is Economics Honours, French and attempts at being a functional human in society, that takes up most of my time. EDM, berlin-artparasites and Real Madrid for life.

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