Our Alarming World

I am worried about a world

Where intolerance is rampant and ever increasing,

Where the sounds of bullets are preferred to the chirping of birds,

Where every corner, street, every city is unsafe.

I am worried about a world

Where girls are burdens and treated like goats at a slaughterhouse,

Where justice is delayed,

And compassion is frowned upon.

I am worried about a world

Where double standards are employed,

Where, within 24 hours, more than 170 people can be killed in Paris and Beirut,

Where the circle of revenge circumscribes within it innocent people every day.

I am worried about a world

Where terrorists are defended and supported,

Where people are afraid to speak out after a man has been lynched,

And bloodshed, violence and misery are omnipresent.

I am worried about a world

Where the ideas of liberty, equality, justice, tolerance, kindness, empathy, peace, solidarity and love are dying.

I am truly worried about OUR world.

Image credits: Ayushi Teotia

  • Noor Kumar

    16. Student of Carmel Convent. Writer. Blogger. Love dancing, reading and doing theatre. Learning french. Appreciate feedback. Still trying to discover myself and what I want to do in this haphazard world! Happy person :)

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    • priya kumar

      Lovely poem. I like that you don’t forget Beirut when you think of Paris.

    • Pooja

      The poem touched my heart and I completely agree with your sentiments.

    • Pooja Kumar

      The poem touched my heart. I agree totally with your sentiments.

    • Rittu Lakhanpal

      Very well written Noor!Keep up the good work!

    • Pratibha

      Very motional poem! It has really touched the heart. Pratibha

    • Noor Kumar
      Noor Kumar

      Thank you everyone. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

    • Harjit Tiwana

      It is heartening to know that there are young people in this country who value kindness,gentility and the finer qualities of the human mind even though they are being brought up in a culture that gives premium to money,dollars,ruppees and little else.

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