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As I begin to write this, I am perched on a charpai, basking in the sun. I particularly don’t see the relevance of that here and I’m sure neither do you. But let me bring to light here (figuratively, because the sun lights everything up), the birds. And squirrels. And other tiny insects around me and you.
I think the robin, despite its angrezi name, happens to be a Hindu bird. Lets just give that credit to its saffron plume of feathers adorning its chest. And the whitehead was supposed to be a Muslim for sure. The Taqiyah it wears on its head is definitely testimony to that. But regardless of that, hardly have I ever seen a robin in a temple, offering prayers. Neither have I ever seen a whitehead ever offering namaz in a mosque.
Now that we talk about birds, how often is a dead bird spotted on the roadside? Or in your garden? Or anywhere? Those bodies that we see might be a result of a canine or feline attack but even considering that, the numbers are pretty less in comparison to the bird population. It is often believed that birds foresee their death and fly high in the sky to join with the supreme being.
Maybe it’s because these beings that happen to have a lower intelligence quotient than the normal human being, happen to have a better understanding of the entity that created us all. (Again, debatable.) And we as humans, are seeking the same entity by screeching at the top of our voices and creating ruckus.
I do not intend to offend any religion here. No. That isn’t my purpose. I just wish that for a little while, we all come out of the inescapable trap of religion all of us have unknowingly created and think.
Is what being taught in Christianity any different than what is being taught in Islam or, say, Jainism? Religions teach us the way to God. Religions are sacred and holy and anything sacred and holy will not preach violence. Yet, ironically, we see murders in the name of religion.
Its disheartening, its inhumane and its preposterous; because if you come to think of it, religion just happens to a child of fear. People fear certain events, they turn to religion. They fail to explain certain phenomenon, they turn to religion. The business isn’t doing that well, religion. What most of us fail to address is our own karma or the deeds that we perform. If there is a Supreme Being and we happen to be his children, why would he/she want his/her (Who says God is a he?) children to suffer? Whatever happens to us, however nasty or nice it might be, is a result of our own actions and deeds.
Living in the 21st century, its about time we all start taking responsibilities rather than making a huge fuss about how God is unkind and how Life is unfair. Lets not blame religion (or God)

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  • Aakash

    Really i must say, explained very well with such a good example

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