Sensationalist Social Media!This post that went viral with 44,000 shares was a Hoax!

Recently a post went viral on Facebook with a customer posting on Facebook on how he was supposedly cheated at a prominent BPCL Petrol Pump in Moolchand, Delhi. Below is the post that went viral with 44,000 shares :

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Petrol Pump at their looting best, Bharat Petroleum station (Prem Service Station), Moolchand, New Delhi, filled 74 liters of Diesel in my XUV where the car capacity is only 70 liters plus the car was already having around 10 liters of diesel. Upon questioning when the car capacity is only 70 liters how can you fill 74 liters and charge me of these extra liters, please see the point wise response: 1. You may have a bigger tank 2. We know everyone at Police so if I want I can go and complaint. 3. I was suggested to put this matter on Social Media. 4. Our boss knows Mr. Kejriwal personally so nothing can harm us. I am really perplexed with the situation of our country, Petrol Pump employees think themselves beyond the law and can openly in a good posh locality loot people so openly. This obviously is happening because the Petrol Pump owner must be an influential person who have trained his employees to behave in this fashion. It’s not the money that matters but it’s the behaviour and the way they made me feel in front of my family. I need this message to go to the right authorities to see the corruption is not only happening in Government agencies but it’s more prominent at such places where common man is looted of his hard earned money in broad day light. Mr. Kejriwal can I expect your support in this? Imagine the level of fraud and the money these guys are making. Friends please help me by sharing my grievance on your wall so that this reaches to this right authority. Jai Hind, Mera Bharat Mahan!

Turns out, the pump and the company were absolutely correct, yes your car CAN accommodate more than what is specified by manufactures! Here is the customer Mr Sumit Parmar a day later apologizing for the great mistake :

The BPCL staff invited me for a visit at Prem Service Station (Moolchand) today and helped me understand why my XUV accommodated more than 70 Liters of the specified quantity by Mahindra. The car fuel tank was removed and emptied in presence of BPCL officials, Trained mechanics and in my presence. Once whole fuel was drained out the fuel tank was put back. Post this BPCL team explained me about the pump specifications and how every part is sealed, secured and automated. Other than this 5 liter test was done first before the the tank was refulled again. The test came out completely clean and post this the car was filled of Diesel and to my surprise 78.72 liters car could accommodate, which clearly indicates the specifications mentioned by Mahindra in their manuals are not correct and are just best estimate. So folks through this experience I will like to educate all the consumers that don’t blindly follow what your car manufacturers are indicating in their manual books but listen to the experts who deal with this day in day out. In view of this insight provided to me I take my complaint back and apologies for the inconvenience caused due to my ignorance. Also will like to update Radio City and RJ Ginni to take a note of my findings and educate people on why it happened and how car manufacturers are not providing correct information to customers.


So folks next time before sharing a post like this blindly, do think twice about the impact it may have on the other side….. Issued in Public Interest..

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