Splitting the Nation , ‘lynch’ by ‘lynch’

Cartoon credits : Ayushi Teotia ( http://suenos-irreales.blogspot.com)

STORY #1 Quoting ‘The Hindu’ of October 05 2015 , ” Last year on August 2, a mini-truck was stopped at a police check point . A group of villagers, then , gathered around the truck and in no time beat the driver to death , breaking his skull . His fault – he was driving a truck load of dead cows and buffaloes. ”
OFCOURSE he was a criminal , he should’ve been killed. Why did he even deserve to breathe ? He was a murderer. He murdered our sacred animal , A HINDU’S HOLY COW.
But wait . Let’s talk of the flip side . An hour later, the mob, which thought it had lynched a Muslim cow smuggler, learnt that the victim was a HINDU man named Shankar Kumar, belonging to the HINDU community. He was carrying dead cows from a cowshed for cremation in East Delhi. How do you feel about it now ? Is he still a criminal , yes ? To add to your astonishment , lets reitrate the fact that the culprits are wandering scot free because hello ! Lack of admissible evidence. Duh.
STORY #2 – On 5 March, the country was jolted by a horrific incident that questioned the security of India’s jails. Thousands of people stormed a jail in Dimapur, Nagaland, dragged a man accused of rape out on the streets, stripped him and then lynched him. The man had allegedly ( I REPEAT ALLEGED ,NOT CONVINCTED) raped a 20-year-old Naga college student .It took them 15 minutes to hack to death the man they say raped them with impunity for more than a decade. Chilli powder was thrown in his face and stones hurled.Too gory ? Take in a little more . As he flailed and fought, one of his alleged victims hacked off his genitals with a vegetable knife. A further 70 stab wounds were left on his body. Another angle that the mob used as a defence was him being an ALLEGED Bangladeshi immigrant.
Nothing justifies rape ( READ ALLEGED ) but then nothing should justify a lynch mob. Secession is often just another face of bigotry. The Naga anger against someone who may (or may not be) an illegal immigrant shows how the “us versus them logic plays out in secessionist movements. Syed was arrested with another Naga man but the mob only picked on him. It shows that the anger of the beastly mob was not towards the rapist but had a xenophobic basis.

What is left now?
A blot on humanity & family of the dead victim who has to live with this trauma for rest of their life.

What has changed after the incident?
Nothing, the next day newspapers headline read: After Nagaland lynching, mob in Agra beats alleged molester to death.”
I give you time to introspect now.

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