The Law of Jante

There’s something called ‘The Law of Jante’ according to which, ‘you are worthless, no one is interested in what you think, therefore you better opt for mediocrity and anonymity. Do this, and you will never face any major troubles.’

Not only is this law a hundred percent correct, it is also how most of us are conditioned to live our lives. We constantly tell ourselves that our dreams are childish and ridiculous, and allow the Law of Jante to manifest itself in our lives, and end up living with despair and in a state that is truly pitiable.

I remember being told by one of my favourite aunts, when I was much younger, that I am the Leading Lady in The Story of My Life, and as absurd as it may sound, it’s something that has stayed with me ever since. In fact, it’s probably the most precious piece of advice I have ever received.

Since time immemorial, people have tried to be ‘grown ups’ and tried to do the ‘right thing for everyone’, the ‘Right Thing’ being- studying, finding a job, earning money, starting a family and retiring to a life where we tell our grand kids inspiring stories and think about the ‘What Ifs’ of our own lives.

But, I think it’s time that changed. I think it’s time we realised that our world constitutes more than just our daily routine. I think that it’s worth giving our dreams and passions a shot with heartfelt enthusiasm. I think there are times we will fail, and I think that it is precisely at those times we should carry on regardless.

Because when we have a dream, we have the strength to fulfill it.

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