Things you miss about Chandigarh when you study abroad

Things you miss about Chandigarh when you study Abroad

  1. Your friends Yaar Baili
  • You’ll miss attending PEC fest, Goonj, other college events and then cruising around Gehri Route.
  • You’ll realise how much they mean to you when you’ll watch the India vs Pakistan match alone.
  • You’ll miss calling them and asking Challan chadwa de yaar or Bhai helmet chaheye.


  1. The lip-smacking and inexpensive food
  • When your Gora friends talk about Butter Chicken. Even if you are a vegetarian, you’ll still miss Pal Dhaba.
  • Every time you buy something to eat from a street vendor. You’ll just compare how much more you could get it in the same price back in Sector 15 or Sector 34 market.
  • You’ll miss taking out your Bult and heading towards Sector 17 bus stand for paranthe and chai when you are famished late night.

Pal dhaba


  1. You’ll portray Chandigarh as the best city in front of your Gora friends
  • My city is not like other parts of India; it is the second best planned city in the world. You should definitely visit it with me.
  • You’ll brag that BBC announced Chandigarh as the most perfect city!
  • You’ll eat their head with facts such as Chandigarh is the cleanest and the greenest city of India.



  1. You’ll go crazy if you spot a person from Chandigarh
  • If you hear someone speak Punjabi, you’ll go and talk to them in the hope that they are from your hometown.
  • You’ll recall all the moments you spent back home and think why did one even come here?
  • You’ll wear t-shirts quoting Pure Punjabi?or Chandigarh-The City Beautiful.


giphy (1)


  1. You’ll miss how easy and cheap it was to commute back home
  • It will pinch you spending $112 for a bus pass.
  • It will take you 40-50 minutes to reach anywhere. In Chandigarh, you could have reached Hops and Grains from PU in 10 minutes.
  • Back home, getting ready for a party was just suit up, sit in the car and off you go! Abroad, suit up, walk to the bus stop, reach the subway and then take another bus!

Man Chasing a Bus


  1. Surviving long distance relationship
  • You’ll miss the long walks at Sukhna Lake and Sector 17 while savouring the taste of softy from Softy Corner.
  • You’ll miss spending hours at Indian Coffee House talking endlessly to your significant other.
  • The distance will be a test. If you survive this phase, you really are meant for each other and nothing can affect your bond.



  1. Music at parties
  • Doesn’t matter what other people want to listen, songs about Chandigarh will only play till the party ends.
  • You’ll be surprised to know that how much obsessed Goras are with Tunak Tunak.
  • Eventually, by the end of the night. You’ll be listening Yeh Jo Des Hai Mera or Vande Mataram.

Tunak Tunak


  1. You’ll miss the weather
  • You’ll miss how Chandigarh appreciated all the four seasons when you trip and fall all the time in snow.
  • Going for a long drive on the Himalayan Express highway on a rainy day and drinking chai at a dhaba near Timber Trail.
  • Watching the leaves turn red and yellow in fall.



  1. You’ll realise the importance of your family
  • You’ll appreciate the effort that your family put in to give you everything you have.
  • You’ll realise how hard it is to earn basic amenities and you never thanked your family for that.
  • You’ll find yourself checking prices of air tickets all the time and day dream about how you’ll surprise your family.

You’ll often think Was it even worth leaving home and coming here. But on a bright side, you learn and experience a lot. You take a lot back home by meeting people from different cultures. You’ll see how people perceive and react to things from a different angle,for as Jawahar Lal Nehru said life is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page!





  • Kanav Sharma

    Chandigarhian living in Toronto. Exploring different cultures and making memories. Easy going and a Dravid fan. I gain knowledge from movies especially from Anurag Kashyap's. A Corporate Communicator and a PR Practioner.

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  • Ashish Massey

    Loved the article!

    • Kanav Sharma
      Kanav Sharma

      Thanks Ashish! I’m sure you share the same feeling.

  • kanika

    <3 Loved the way you compiled every feeling without a miss!! <3 Miss you chd <3

    • Kanav Sharma
      Kanav Sharma

      I’m glad that you liked the article 🙂

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