To the world, with love.

The lights flashed to darkness,

Red festooned the streets.

The fire inside their souls, igniting with hatred

Blazed into an inferno, turning the

Beats of music to shots of gun,

The hoots to screams,

The dance to flee,

The happy cheers

To unprecedented fears.

The weekend chatter to panic, yelps of pain.

Blood, it rained.

They let the flames of vengeance, burn down the city.

Made them, the unblemished,

Pay the price for something they never bought,

Certainly, hell, is the place for them to rot.

They staged the city of love, as it were a display of unreasonable hatred.

The curtains must be drawn, Justice must be served.

They were none other than humans, killing fellow humans.

If this is what humans are,

I lament at being one.


When did we mutate to savages? Or cannibals, must I say?

One after the other, the world seems to be crashing.

Is this the fraternity we yearn for?

The liberty we strive for?

The equality we dream of?


But, we won’t hang our heads down with fear,

We won’t step down with tears.

For undivided we stand,

Not as french,

Not as black, not as white,

But. As humans.

We seek harmony, we seek peace, we dream of universal ceasefire.

No vengeance, No spite, No hatred, no riot.

We stand as not a city of love,

But, as a world, of love.


Let there be peace. Let’s become humans. Again.


  • Rabiya Batth

    17. Writer. Blogger. Theater artist. Avid reader. Hi I'm Rabiya. I'm a student, at Carmel convent school. Stage is my solace, and the pen and paper, my strength. Obsessed with birthdays, Charlie Chaplin and fire extinguishers.

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    • Harjit Tiwana

      Beautiful,this is the wish of all right thinking people.The sad part is that all people are not thinking right.Something happened to them when they were young or later that made them think about easy ways to do things that would balance the outrage done to them.Here in lyes the worst stupidity a human can do,it seems so right in the behinning to them,a way of taking revenge.It would be correct to remind them that’nothing brings such odd results as trying to get even’.Such people need help but what they get is small people who are taking the easy way out.Destroying a building or any thing is easy ,takes little time;it is the building and doing something that is worthwhile which takes time and courage.This the way of the good and the courages and the only way a human should act if he seeks happiness and the good things.

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