“The nation has come to a standstill. It only wants to know one thing: Who killed Sheena Bora?
Like a crime thriller that unfolds in deliberately calibrated detail, the Sheena Bora murder case has unraveled, holding the media and through it the nation in thrall. Apparently.

Sardesai’s sense of humour is bang on.

I’ll try and not narrate the bizarre tale to you for the umpteenth time now after all these days of incessant chatter by the idiot box and our over hepped up fourth estate. The question here arises , What makes us dissect every gory detail about the desires of those involved in singular acts of greed and cruelty while we remain indifferent to the plight of so many who suffer much more grievously from everyday acts of injustice?
Investigation is one thing. Digging up dirt is another. The breathless media frenzy heating up around the Indrani Mukerjea case gives all indication that in the name of unraveling a mystery what we will see is a gold rush to dig up every salacious detail of the family story,a new shocker every few hours.
A state is simmering with violence, curfews and protests. At least 10 have been killed in the fracas, the army has been called in, curfews are in place but NO . Our very own media just doesnt seem to get over the new gossip in town.
While skeletons tumble out of Mukherjeas closet one after the other, major national issues , which had been front-page news for two days prior, have taken a back seat. Who cares if the Patidars of Gujarat are screaming murder, drawing comparisons to Jallianwala Bagh in the way the police attacked participants at their massive demonstrations . Or that representatives of the Indian army continue to protest and demand One Rank One Pension, one of many promises that the prime minister has failed to keep. Or that apparently another Pakistani has been caught sneaking across the border. Or that the Chinese have successfully shaken up the Indian stock market.A high-society murder case like this is automatically page one material. The murder of a dalit girl in the backwaters of Maharashtra is not.
Given this, it is amusing to watch media persons on TV channels trying hard to justify the over-the-top coverage of this story as a duty of the media to keep pressure that the case is solved. Really? By repeating what is already being revealed by family members or leaked by the police, by sweating over conjectures, is the media really helping to solve this case? The medias obsession with sensation, with news that sells, with whatever feeds the bottom line, has ultimately won over any notion of proportion or balance.


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