All The World’s A Stage

Ranbeer Sidhu may be a sound engineer by profession but is an actor by heart. Ranbeer is 25 years old and owns a company, Blue Olive, where he records musicians from across the city. When I visited his studio, he welcomed me warmly and immediately displayed his energetic, childlike personality. But quite unlike his personality, Ranbeer sports a heavy beard which usually puts one under the false impression of seriousness.

His bearded gangster look is what got him into acting three years ago. Ranbeer describes that it was “by chance” that Chandigarh’s famous director, Mr. Zubin Mehta, asked him to audition for the role of a gangster, in one of his plays. Ranbeer had known Mr. Mehta for six years prior to that as he had worked in the sound department for his plays. Never in those six years did he dream of getting into acting.

Theatre, for Ranbeer, is a vent. It is also why he’s so popular in our city. Ranbeer has acted in just four plays till now but he is already quite known in the city. When asked about this popularity, he laughed shyly and said “I dont know how to react.” Its quite fascinating to see a carefree person become shy with all the attention.

He believes in working towards every character. For his first role, Guts Reagan he explained, “I felt that my biggest achievement was to make my voice a little heavier.” He chuckled while modulating his voice mid-sentence. While in the process of achieving the role of Willy Loman in Death Of A Salesman he cut out from the world, and closed all social media in order to get into the depressed character’s shoes. When asked about his experience, he expressed “Death Of A Salesman was a defining time for me.” He goes further in explaining that this role was such that he went into depression in real life. He admits, “It was the lowest time of my life.”

According to Ranbeer, his biggest strength is his disability, a problem in his foot since birth. Despite this disability he has learnt to see the bright side of life. “It gave me the confidence that I have today.” Despite the difficulty, he has established a position for himself in the theatrical and the musical world in the city. He gives credit to his mother for having played a major role in his achievement. “Also, I am lucky that I have friends who make me feel normal. Because of them even I feel that this disability is normal.”

Ranbeer Sidhu may have played outstanding roles which gained much popularity but he is a humble and an easy going individual. He is a mentor for some and a friend to many. His knowledge in both theatre and music is laudable. He is a hard worker and is ready to do anything for the love of theatre. He may not know where the future leads him but we know for sure that many major roles are still awaiting him. We eagerly wait for the time when Ranbeer will outshine himself again and give another outstanding performance that will leave him embedded in our minds, yet again.

  • Kavya Atray

    18 years old! Currently doing Honors in English from Chandigarh. I like to sketch portraits. I am into acting. I love to read and I like music. And yes, of course I write. I am a poet. I have written around 300 poems and am continuing to write more.


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