Behind the mask of a thespian

Bhawsheel Sahni chose to rise over societal stereotypes and pursue what his soul wanted. He acted, portrayed a thousand characters under one mask–the mask of a thespian.

-So, when did it all begin, Bhawsheel?
-As far as I can remember, I had always been involved in extra curricular activities since my school days. A keen participator in inter school level debates and quizzes, I loved performing at our annual day functions, which was a big headache for the school, and I, their pill (chuckles).

-How did your school shape the actor in you?
-My schooling was from St. John’s High School and I am really fortunate to study in such a school where school life was way beyond studies. School life really plays a significant part in grooming a child’s future and his personality. After completing my 10th, I did my 12th from Bhavan Vidyalaya School, Chandigarh, in the commerce stream. And the participation and the love for CCAs just increased.

For Bhawsheel it had always been about exploring and learning. His real love for theatre, he says, grew in college when he was pursuing B.Com, at DAV College, Chandigarh.
– Did you always know acting was your respite or was there a moment of epiphany?
– I joined the ‘Theatre For Theatre’ group, and that was it. My life really got on the right track and I knew what I wanted to do in my future. Even today when I am doing my Masters from Mumbai, my love for the films and acting is just growing beyond boundaries. Maybe there is something inside all of us that pushes us to perform greatly in our lives. And learning where my heart lies, was something which gave me the strength to chase my newly kindled dream.
Bhawsheel joined a one month workshop–25 days to be precise–, which intrigued him, for he had for the first time been acquainted with the real side of dramatics. He left?Aaghaaz (college group) and joined his present theatre group in Chandigarh, Theatre For Theatre (TFT), and for the past 3 years has been associated with the same.
Now in Mumbai, Bhawsheel is currently pursuing his Masters in Film, Television and Digital Video Production, from Xaviers Institute Of Communications. This young talented actor aspires to carve a niche for himself in our very own Bollywood industry.

– Acting, as we all know involves more rejections than appraisals, how do you deal with them?
– Being specific, whenever I go for an audition, and I personally feel that the audition went extremely well and I’ll be shortlisted, but when I do not get that call, I feel something might be lacking in me. I always take rejections and failures in my stride because to become successful, these have to become part and parcel of your lives.

-One last question: How has the transition from a Chandigarh(ian) to a Mumbai(kar) come along?
-Wow!…oohhh..Bombay is fast man, pretty fast. Chandigarh is like that small beautiful blissful state, whereas Bombay can really teach you the meaning of survival. The people are so open minded and casual to talk to. On one street you find a helpful young lady, on the other you might run into an angry ignorant man. Both cities have their own charm. It’s not like I miss Chandigarh very badly or something. I am actually starting to enjoy Mumbai and its whole vastness.

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