Conquering the world with a drop of ink

Guntaj Arora at the tender age of 15, epitomized the art of writing and pursued a dream that the world deemed elusive. Currently doing English Honors at S.D College Chandigarh, as well as pursuing another degree from University Of London through distance learning, this talented young girl claims that it was first in the summer of 2012 that she decided to dance to the beat of a different drummer and walk the untrodden path to follow her heart.

“About two years back, when I was struggling to find a platform where I could voice my thoughts and opinions through writing, I realized that there were hardly any opportunities where the aspiring artists and writers could emblazon their art. So much talent was getting wasted. It was this, that inspired me to carve a niche for these young writers talent to breathe and share their love for art with the world.” Says the eighteen year old editor-in-chief. Awarded twice by the renowned Poetry Society of UK, and yet so self effacing in her disposition, Guntaj has been a voracious reader since childhood.

“As a child, I was extremely fascinated by Harry Potter. Apart from having read all the novels twice, quite religiously, every Sunday I used to wake up early in the morning, sit on the couch munching on the delicious aalo ke paranthas my mum used to make, and enjoy the movie that aired on pogo channel.”Chuckles she.

On being questioned about the roots of this penchant, the Foyle Young Poets award holder further explains, ” It was the very essence of it. From the locations of the shoot in the movie to the British accent,” she giggles;” And how beautifully, even the most intricate details have been narrated in the book. It’s commendable.” She further adds.

“On a scale of 1-10, how fond are you of travelling?”

“Eleven.” She jokes.” I absolutely love travelling. The very thought of wandering around like a butterfly and exploring enigmatic surroundings excites me.”

“Which city, do you personally adore the most?”

“London, without any second thoughts. I don’t know whether its a coincidence or what, but as I child, I was always drawn towards this city, and it was right here that I was awarded twice by the Poetry Society UK .And also, that I grew up to know that all the series of Harry Potter have been shot in this city.” She laughs.

“Can you tell me something about the book that you wrote?”

“It is titled Periods and Exclamations, basically a poetry collection. The book is pretty much inspired by Daljit Nagra. I have experimented with the way poetry is written and added effects by aligning the poems in different ways, by using punctuation marks to make the poems eye appealing. And, it’s available on amazon for purchase.” She smiles.













“So, Guntaj, What does writing mean to you? And, is there any piece of your own writing that you emotionally connect with the most?”

“Well… Writing is what keeps me sane. As an introvert, I never usually share my feelings with others. On my worst days, writing has been my curator, and on my best days, my comrade, sharing the joy with me. That piece of paper and pen has always been my strength. And. yes. There’s this poem I wrote, titled’ For my sister’. It is a poem for London and exhibits my love for the city. It is very close to my heart.” she elaborates.

“Oh, I see. London, right there.”

“Yes.” She giggles.

“So what final advice do you have for all the budding writers out there?”

“Don’t give up. Find kindred souls. Try not to be hard on yourself. Read, read, read. Have fun with the process and the product will be better than you imagined.”

I remember, when I asked her what vision she has for the society or what is it, that she feels that today’s youth lacks, she, quite diligently and with such conviction, that was rather not expected by me, of an eighteen year old, said “For me, a perfect society would be the one where we eliminate the idea of ‘survival of the fittest .At present we compete with each other, and consider winning is laudable. We are encouraged to be greedy and ruthless. I believe this is against human nature and we suffer the consequences such as fear, insecurity, violence. To change, we must try to reverse these conditions and learn to live by co-operating and communicating with each other. Acting in our own best interests is to live in peace & harmony with our communities, not in making more and more profits.”

I thanked her, wished her all the success, picked up my pen and notebook and left, completely enthralled by her thoughts. At that moment, I knew, that she, would be conquering the world, just with the drop of ink.



  • Rabiya Batth

    17. Writer. Blogger. Theater artist. Avid reader. Hi I'm Rabiya. I'm a student, at Carmel convent school. Stage is my solace, and the pen and paper, my strength. Obsessed with birthdays, Charlie Chaplin and fire extinguishers.


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