A ‘dog’s life

Just when I was sitting on the brown colored couch waiting for my friend to arrive, I sensed a slightly slushy, ticklish sensation on my foot, accompanied by light sighs of breath. I looked down to see a pair of such gleaming,sparkling eyes ogling at me.That look, eliciting innocence and compassion was indeed the most beautiful and calming thing I had ever laid my eyes on. There he was, covered in black velvet skin, festooned with a little red around the neck.

“Bruno!” yelled my friend Siddhanth, as he entered the living room. That cute, not-so-little creature excitedly ran towards the direction of the voice. “Hope he didn’t trouble you..That’s his way of greeting everyone, actually. Or else he’d go all haywire and eat away at cushions. He actually swallowed a sock once! His tantrums, I tell you. Am I right, little master?” giggled he while caressing the champion’s head. “Woof” he replied.

“Not at all.” I giggled. “What a lovely name, by the way.” I further added. “Ah! His name is quite a story, too!” he exclaimed. “Really? As in?” . “Well, I named him ‘drago’ initially. But mom dad had a penchant for ‘bruno’, it suited him, they said. So yeah..He became responsive to ‘bruno’ as that’s what they called him, and not to ‘drago.’ Hence, the name.” He sighed. “Oh and you know he was such a tiny ball of fur when he was new here. Hiding inside shoes was his fetish, I couldn’t fathom why. I had to hunt him down from anywhere and everywhere and keep him inside the wooden shelter house I had constructed for him.” he chuckled. “That’s so sweet. You made him a shelter.” I smiled.

“But?aunty?isn’t quite fond of animals, right?”I further questioned him. “Bruno? He isn’t an animal! He’s my little baby, my brother. As for mom, quite a surprising transformation has occurred , undoubtedly. She cannot imagine her life without him now. And, (he giggled a bit) such a spoilt brat he is, he will always have his food only when mom feeds him. He would simply walk away otherwise.”

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“That is just so adorable.” I giggled, and further added “But I bet he can’t fit in that shelter you made for him back, then!” He laughed a bit at this and then shook his head while replying”He doesn’t. And Bruno, he’s a king Rabiya! Such a clever chap he is, as soon as I switch off the television, he slowly creeps into my room, only to find me in bed, and curls up beside me! Once I gave him quite a sermon, and told him to go back to his own bed. You won’t believe it but he made the most miserable expression possible and sulked his way to the door. I melted, after a while and went up to him and apologized and hugged him. Ever since, he never sleeps elsewhere. He’s really like a little baby.” he smiled, his eyes brightly lit. “And you know, when he was just new here, you know, he used to whine, in the middle of the night. This continued for about a month, I used to comfort him all that while, ask him what was wrong. It was only a few days later that I deciphered that he was missing his parents! And now, it’s the other way round. When ever I feel low and blue, Bruno is the first one to know regardless of whether he has met me or not. He comes and sits by my side, with his head on my shoulder, as if to say”It’s alright, bud. You’re gonna be fine.” He said.


“I have never witnessed such a relationship between a dog and a human really.” I smiled faintly. “I’m telling you. He is neither dog, nor a human. In fact, he is much better than us. He just knows how to love, unconditionally. And everything is so simple for him. Whereas we, obfuscate everything from our relationships, to our perceptions of what people think about us. You know, a few months back, he fell really sick. It seemed as if my world fell apart, and that it was all because of me, that I didn’t take enough care of him. I felt like a murderer turned loose in the streets. I was so teemed with guilt and remorse, because this kid here, has always been there for me, protected me. Even if it’s just my mom scolding me or yelling at me for some reason, he gets restless and intervenes. I know this is just a little thing, but these little things are what sum up to the colossal essence of humanity, that I learnt from him. I learnt humanity not from a human, but from a ‘dog’.” There was a silence. A tear trickled down my cheek. I smiled.

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