The Rockstar Who ‘Swept’ Us Off Our Feet!

I honestly believe that very few people are destined for extraordinary things in life, the rest have to find greatness in their own little worlds. That’s how and why Buddharam’s tale caught my attention.
Hailing from Balrampur, UP, Buddharam came to Chandigarh in his youth to find work to sustain himself and his family, but alongside developed a passion for playing the guitar. He bought his first guitar in 1975 and has continued to play it ever since. He even learnt the basics of guitar in sector 20 and 42. Following his dream of making it big as a musician, he packed his bags and ran away to Mumbai, but unfortunately, the lack of adequate finances brought him back to Chandigarh.
Currently he works at the Sector 4 Petrol Pump as a sweeper and has no qualms about it. He feels he has a duty to fulfill his family’s needs, and he does so with happiness. Yet, his heart lies in playing the guitar.
While talking to him, suddenly I saw his face light up when he picked up the guitar and played songs from Aashiqui 2 and other Bollywood films. The kind of zeal and enthusiasm he spread in those few moments I spent with him, could set fire to any stage and energize any audience- it was a delight to be a witness to his performance!
Although his familial responsibilities and lack of support have posed as obstacles in his path, he has a dream to go on playing the guitar and follow his heart, with a hope, that one day he will achieve success and gain recognition for the one thing he loves doing so much.
And his humble story makes us feel the same!
Check out glimpses of his work here :


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