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1.Goods and Services Tax——


We have been working day in and day out to ensure that all our operations are GST compliant as those of our suppliers. This was not difficult as we have been a completely organized retail outlet since its inception. However we did not hold any brief for our suppliers down the line before, but now the system ensures that the tax requirements are complied with. This has also necessitated that certain small retailers have had to opt out of the business as they are not in a position to come clean with all the other overheads that the operations in the new tax regime involve. We expect that the system will become more refined and simpler to operate over time, to enable the government to plug loop holes in collecting revenue. This should also assure you that your money has been well spent and remains within the loop of legitimate wealth creation, which should contribute to the welfare of the common man.

There is a little hue and cry in some parts of the country, the media and the intelligentsia about how draconian this tax is. It would be, for those who have lived their life by evading taxes. Those who are knowledgeable should suggest refinements so that the entire business cycle gets encompassed in the organized sector. And the government is seen to be as transparent and accountable as it expects its people to be. This is perhaps the boldest step taken since the Independence of the country, and we must be seen to be emerging out of darkness into a wonderful light; from black to white as it were.
2.Daily price revision of fuel:

A mechanism was set up to change prices daily In order to ameliorate a general grouse among the general public, that the government was pocketing a sizable portion of profits, despite the prices of crude oil having crashed in the international market. It was assumed that the international prices did not reflect in the domestic pricing of oil to the consumers. No government will forgo its sovereign right to collect its pound of flesh where it can. However to appease the masses it does change the prices everyday for the consumer. Apart from adding to the administrative burden of the business this daily tinkering of prices has little benefit for anyone else.
3.Sale of Softy:

About a month ago, we decided to provide you with yet another option to your visit to our In & Out store located in sector 4, Chandigarh more worth the while. We are delighted to inform you that this has been very well received. Additionally we have been able to enhance the quality and quantity of our cones to give you more value for money. Do give it a lick, if you already have not done so.



4.Additional Fuel dispensing Machines:

Keeping in view the crowding in the forecourt, it has been decided to install two additional machines for dispensing fuel. This will hopefully reduce your waiting time especially during peak hours of traffic and enable you to reach your destination more on time.
Oil changing/pollution check/small lpg cylinder counter:
This facility has been operational for some time now. This is our humble endeavor to see that the city remains less polluted. There is a racket on, in parts of the country where doctored software can churn out pollution certificates in a jiffy, without your engine really being subject to standard checking procedures. We have tried to ensure that though it may take a moment longer, your vehicle will be subject to an actual pollution check, your patience in the matter and confidence in our facilities is greatly appreciated. Periodic oil changes on our premises will enable you to spend less time in doing so, no extra labor cost, and a more fuel efficient engine, smoother ride as well as a less polluted town as the emissions get automatically reduced. You must avail of these numerous benefits whenever you can.
Small 5 kg LPG cylinders for cooking are easily available for cooking on your providing an Adhaar or voters card as proof of residence. This comes in handy for Paying Guest accommodation for youth, workers on the move, travelers and emergency supplies in any home, should the need arise.
All the above features are available under one roof, and our extension of our convenience features at the outlet.
5.Shopping bags and the environment:

We are pleased to inform you and as most of you have actually experienced, that we have been using degradable bags in conjunction with the NGT order to that effect, long before the administration specified them, from reputed suppliers with authentic CIPET ( ) certification. We are pleased to inform you that the UT administration has, since 15th. March 2016 notified that a bag from a particular firm must be purchased by the consumer through several stores as a shopping bag.
Do appreciate that by doing so, you are helping save the environment. As these bags will biodegrade over a period of time and prevent our drains from being chocked in the monsoon or cows die of medical complications on consumption of the previously omnipresent plastic bag. It makes far more sense though to bring in your own cloth or canvas bags for repeated use thereby saving costs and the environment. Please do not use plastic bags, and report all those who still use them. Non-Woven bags also come under this category.
Over a period of time more ingenious and cheaper bags will enter the market and we hope they will all be standardized for purchase to enhance local production and trade.
Ironically plastic was considered a wonder product when it was introduced decades ago, as a panacea for all urban inconveniences. Alas, its time has come, and we must bid it good bye.
6.The In & Out franchise:

You will be pleased to learn that our Retail Outlet, located at the Auto Service Station is now in its tenth year of serving our loyal customers. The In & Out belongs to an all India franchise operating from very select outlets in the country. We can proudly inform you that it is the second most popular convenience store in the franchise family, throughout the country. Thank you for your continued patronage.
7.The Soulbowl app for online grocery purchases:

The In & Out store has been for over a year now partnering with Soulbowl in providing online purchase of grocery items throughout the tri city. Of course there are terms and conditions that go with this facility. Several of our clients have appreciated the sheer convenience of this facility and the reliability and personal attention that they have been getting over a period of time. You will be pleased to note that this blog has now become a gateway to the app and vice versa. So that when you access one, you automatically can click into the other.
All the effort that we are putting in is to provide you with an elevated and seamless experience of convenience. Do read all our

terms and give us the opportunity to serve you better.

Dear reader you will be better served as will we, if you will drop in your views on whatever you think should be included in this newsletter. With your help, this is now becoming a regular feature of our operations, and an instrument in your hands. Do keep reading, to be better informed and contribute your creativity; in the form of articles, essays, poems, short stories, or whatever else that appeals to you in the fictional and non fictional genre. You may email your contribution to 😕


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