Watch these two amazing climbers conquer a frozen waterfall in Spiti!

Have you always been wanting to do something extraordinary? Do you always day dream of adventure while working in your small office cubicle in a concrete jungle? Do you feel at times that an adrenaline pumped expedition is your true calling?

Abhijeet Singh,a labelled MBA graduate also had these questions in his mind and he decided to take the big leap! He quit his monotonous job and escaped the shackles of the “CITY” to do something out of this world!

Abhijeet and his companion, Pranav Rawat, an apple agriculturist and ardent mountain climber then set out on an energizing yet dangerous enterprise to wind up the first to climb a solidified waterfall in India.

“Waterfall climbing is a compelling type of climbing. The dangers and strategies included make it an extremely troublesome interest. Nobody has endeavored to begin and wrap up the waterfall,” they clarified.

Here is a video of these two uber cool dudes climbing the ShelaNela waterfall in Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh

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